Tip: The Micro‑C recom­men­ded by Antho­ny Wil­liam is curr­ent­ly on offer: 

Tip: The Micro‑C recom­men­ded by Antho­ny Wil­liam is curr­ent­ly on offer: 

About Anthony William

Who is Antho­ny Wil­liam? What spe­cial gift does he have? Why are more and more peo­p­le around the world enthu­si­a­stic about his mis­si­on? This artic­le gives some short ans­wers to this. 

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When Antho­ny Wil­liam was 4 years old, he heard for the first time a voice inau­di­ble to other peo­p­le tel­ling him that his grand­mo­ther had lung can­cer. The fami­ly was sit­ting at din­ner and the voice told him to tell his grand­mo­ther imme­dia­te­ly. The old lady was very affec­ted by this. In fact, a few days later, she made an appoint­ment with the doc­tor to get che­cked out.

Antho­ny was right: the x‑rays show­ed a fin­ding on his chest, it was lung can­cer. For Anthony’s grand­mo­ther, this dia­gno­sis came in time and she was able to get help.

Anthony William constantly hears the voice of Spirit

Sin­ce that day, Antho­ny Wil­liam, also known as a medi­cal medi­um, has con­stant­ly heard this voice, which he calls “Spi­rit”. He can’t turn it off and the voice knows exact­ly about the health sta­tus of ever­yo­ne he has around him. For many years it was a gre­at bur­den for the gro­wing Antho­ny to con­stant­ly be con­fron­ted with other people’s ill­nesses. The­re was no pri­va­cy for him, but Spi­rit was always the­re. He would have lik­ed to switch off his voice for a while, but that was­n’t pos­si­ble. This ’spi­rit’ always tells him exact­ly what peo­p­le are suf­fe­ring from and what they have to do to be cured of it. Antho­ny also repea­ted­ly gave per­so­nal advice for his own health, which he also implemented.

Extensive knowledge of health connections

The voice also informs him about health issues that are deca­des ahead of medi­cal know­ledge. He coll­ec­ted ground­brea­king medi­cal know­ledge about the true cau­ses of the most wide­spread dise­a­ses such as Hashimoto’s thy­ro­idi­tis, rheu­ma­to­id arthri­tis, type 2 dia­be­tes, Lyme dise­a­se, mul­ti­ple scle­ro­sis, migrai­nes and hor­mo­n­al dise­a­ses, to name just a few. He is of the opi­ni­on that the­re are no incura­ble dise­a­ses. Mil­li­ons of peo­p­le world­wi­de have ope­ned up to his know­ledge and are thus expe­ri­en­cing reli­ef or self-healing.

Public Relations by Anthony William

While it was still pos­si­ble to con­sult Antho­ny per­so­nal­ly during his initi­al work, this is no lon­ger pos­si­ble. He was able to per­so­nal­ly help thou­sands of peo­p­le. He now devo­tes his ener­gy to making his know­ledge available to a wide ran­ge of peo­p­le see­king help, pri­ma­ri­ly through books and on the Inter­net. Antho­ny Wil­liam has know­ledge of the­se medi­cal con­nec­tions in seve­ral ways books writ­ten down. Medi­al medi­ci­ne*, Medi­cal food*, Heal your thy­ro­id*, Heal your liver*, Cele­ry juice* and Heal yours­elf*.

Antho­ny Wil­liams Ame­ri­can web­site can be found here.

Our team’s aim is to help spread its enorm­ous, extre­me­ly hel­pful know­ledge in Ger­man-spea­king count­ries. It is our deepest wish to encou­ra­ge peo­p­le to reac­ti­va­te their self-heal­ing powers on their own respon­si­bi­li­ty. May the gift that “Spi­rit” and Antho­ny Wil­liam give us as humans spread bles­sings and health to ever­yo­ne who seeks help.

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Astrid Späth
Astrid Späth 
Astrid Späth beca­me awa­re of Antho­ny Wil­liam in 2019 and has been enthu­si­a­sti­cal­ly imple­men­ting this life­style for hers­elf and her fami­ly ever sin­ce. It is a chall­enge for them to mas­ter the dif­fe­rent needs and wis­hes of the fami­ly mem­bers in culina­ry terms, which they do bet­ter and bet­ter as their know­ledge increases. 
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