Tip: The Micro‑C recom­men­ded by Antho­ny Wil­liam is curr­ent­ly on offer: 

Tip: The Micro‑C recom­men­ded by Antho­ny Wil­liam is curr­ent­ly on offer: 

How does Anthony William feel about CDL/CDS or MMS (chlorine dioxide)?

Chlo­ri­ne dioxi­de is a che­mi­cal com­pound made from chlo­ri­ne and oxy­gen that is used for dis­in­fec­tion and as a blea­ching agent. On the Inter­net, CDL or MMS is also view­ed as a “cure” for various ill­nesses. Does Antho­ny Wil­liam con­firm the posi­ti­ve effects of CDL? 

Does Anthony William comment directly on CDL? 

Antho­ny Wil­liam As far as we know, this has not hap­pen­ed direct­ly to date CDL (chlo­ri­ne dioxi­de solu­ti­on). And the­re is usual­ly a reason for that. He always empha­si­zes that he would imme­dia­te­ly talk about new or tren­dy pro­ducts if they can real­ly offer a health benefit.

Munee­za Ahme­d¹, on the other hand, has alre­a­dy spo­ken out and is cri­ti­cal of the use of chlo­ri­ne dioxi­de in the form of CDL (CDS (Chlo­ri­ne Dioxi­de Solu­ti­on)) and MMS (Mira­cle Mine­ral Supplement):

“It’s extre­me­ly hard on the body. It can trig­ger a lot of adre­na­line becau­se the body sees CDL as a poi­son. And it does­n’t work in the human body the way it works in water to kill patho­gens. If it was that hel­pful, Antho­ny would have men­tio­ned it already.”

Ahmed, Munee­za, Intui­ti­ve Heal­ing Com­mu­ni­ty Forum March 2022

Anthony William on chlorine

Note: Chlo­ri­ne and chlo­ri­ne dioxi­de are dif­fe­rent sub­s­tances and must be distinguished!

Antho­ny Wil­liam has this to say about chlo­ri­ne (not chlo­ri­ne dioxide):

“Chlo­ri­ne: It is high­ly toxic to the liver and wea­k­ens the organ’s immu­ne function.”

Wil­liam, Antho­ny. Medi­cal Medi­um Liver Res­cue (p.267). Kind­le version*

How to detoxify chlorine according to Anthony William:

From Antho­ny Wil­liam Spe­ci­fic mea­su­res are recom­men­ded to remo­ve chlo­ri­ne from the body:

  • Anti-chlo­ri­ne and fluo­ri­de tea: Hel­pful for deto­xi­fi­ca­ti­on from recent chlo­ri­ne and fluo­ri­de expo­sure. Sim­ply mix equal parts of black­ber­ry lea­ves, raspber­ry lea­ves, hibis­cus flowers and rose hips and steep 1 tab­les­poon of this her­bal mix­tu­re per cup in hot water as a tea.
  • cau­li­flower and Algae Tog­e­ther they form a powerful deto­xi­fy­ing agent that rids the sen­si­ti­ve endo­cri­ne glands of chlo­ri­ne, harmful fluo­ri­de and radia­ti­on. (cf. Wil­liam, Antho­ny. Medi­cal Medi­um Life Chan­ging Foods (p.139). Kind­le version)
  • Lon­ger-term expo­sure to chlo­ri­ne or fluo­ri­de is asso­cia­ted with the Medi­cal Medi­um cle­an­sing tre­at­ments (e.g. the 3–6‑9 liver cle­an­se). (cf. Wil­liam, Antho­ny. Medi­cal Medi­um Revi­sed and Expan­ded Edi­ti­on (p.241) Kind­le version)

Ger­man sum­ma­ry: Mar­lon Hassheider

¹ Munee­za Ahmed is pro­ba­b­ly the best-known the­ra­pist in the USA, who was trai­ned direct­ly by Antho­ny Wil­liam and suc­cessful­ly advi­ses peo­p­le world­wi­de accor­ding to Antho­ny William’s tea­chings. She gives recom­men­ded online cour­ses and, under high­ly com­pe­tent lea­der­ship, brings tog­e­ther a streng­thening com­mu­ni­ty of peo­p­le who want to fol­low their heal­ing path with the know­ledge of Antho­ny William.

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