All Vimer­gy sup­ple­ments at a glance:

All Vimer­gy sup­ple­ments at a glance:

9 mistakes to avoid that slow down healing

If you know the­se 9 mista­kes and avo­id them, you will heal fas­ter. Are you alre­a­dy awa­re of all the hin­de­ring mista­kes and are you able to imple­ment this knowledge? 

When we are sick, we want not­hing more than to feel bet­ter imme­dia­te­ly. That’s real­ly some­thing ever­yo­ne can wish for. But it’s good to know about the top 9 mista­kes that slow down healing. 

The­se are the most com­mon mista­kes peo­p­le make that set you back rather than moving you for­ward. The key is that MORE does not always heal bet­ter or faster. 

It’s important to under­stand the details that make up the big­ger picture.

Below are the most com­mon mista­kes peo­p­le make when start­ing the pro­to­cols. In short, all of the­se mista­kes lead to more over­whelm and here are all the ways you can avo­id over­whelm on your trip. Num­ber 9 is the key – so be sure to stick with it until the end!

1. Too many changes, too fast 

Have you ever done some­thing impul­si­ve­ly and rea­li­zed after­wards that it would have been bet­ter if you had taken your time to achie­ve a bet­ter result? 

When you find the infor­ma­ti­on and it speaks to you on such a deep level, you want to get star­ted right away. Very under­stan­da­ble. You read the infor­ma­ti­on and hear him talk and you feel rea­dy to dive in.

The only pro­blem is that peo­p­le are often so enthu­si­a­stic that they imme­dia­te­ly dive into the depths of the mat­ter and imple­ment ever­y­thing imme­dia­te­ly. This cau­ses them to over­whelm them­sel­ves. Over­whelm occurs when you chan­ge things too quick­ly. If at any point you feel over­whel­med, slow down, take stock, and think about how you can sim­pli­fy the chan­ges you can make. 

Start by adding cele­ry juice. Then dele­te that No foods and add some heal­ing fruits. Work your way up to Hea­vy metal detox smoothie befo­re. Final­ly, you can also intro­du­ce nut­ri­tio­nal supplements.

When it comes to making las­ting life­style chan­ges, it’s best to pro­ceed gradually.

2. Not eating enough 

As we begin to heal and chan­ge our diet, we begin to eli­mi­na­te high-calo­rie foods like glu­ten, dairy, eggs, and meat. Often you feel more hun­gry becau­se you replace the­se foods with lower den­si­ty foods (fruits and vege­ta­bles). As a result, we have to deal with a grea­ter amount of less den­se foods such as pota­toes, fruits and Pump­kins feed. You have to get used to it. 

Unfort­u­na­te­ly, many peo­p­le cut out eggs, dairy, and meat from their diet (to redu­ce fat inta­ke and inflamm­a­ti­on) and do not increase their inta­ke of car­bo­hy­dra­te-rich foods to com­pen­sa­te. This ine­vi­ta­b­ly leads to fluc­tua­tions in blood sugar levels and our ener­gy levels (becau­se fluc­tua­tions in blood sugar levels can nega­tively impact our adre­nal glands). This can send a chro­ni­cal­ly ill per­son back into the sym­ptom loop. 

If you’­re eli­mi­na­ting high-den­si­ty foods like eggs, dairy, and meat from your diet and ther­eby lowe­ring your over­all fat inta­ke, you’ll need to make sure you’­re get­ting enough calo­ries from essen­ti­al pure car­bo­hy­dra­tes like pota­toes, fruits, and pump­kins take to you.

3. Taking too many supplements too quickly 

Sup­ple­ments can make all the dif­fe­rence when admi­nis­te­red cor­rect­ly. Howe­ver, sup­ple­ments are just that. They com­ple­ment the diet, they are not a repla­ce­ment for good nutrition.

Often peo­p­le embar­king on a heal­ing jour­ney are so exci­ted that they imme­dia­te­ly begin an exten­si­ve sup­ple­men­ta­ti­on rou­ti­ne. Howe­ver, it is advi­sa­ble to intro­du­ce the nut­ri­tio­nal sup­ple­ments gradually. 

First, we don’t know how our body will react to sup­ple­ments, so it’s best to start slow­ly and increase the dose over time. 

Second, too many chan­ges at once can be dif­fi­cult for some peo­p­le to cope with, espe­ci­al­ly if they are very ill.

Addi­tio­nal­ly, by adding too many sup­ple­ments, peo­p­le often do not under­stand the key sup­ple­ments that are at the core of all pro­to­cols. The “7 most important” sup­ple­ments are the best start­ing point for everyone.

Why are the core 7 important? 

It is important to under­stand the mea­ning of core 7+. The­se are powerful anti­vi­ral agents that help des­troy patho­gens and streng­then the cen­tral ner­vous sys­tem. This is a basic anti­vi­ral plan that will pro­tect you against most her­pes viru­s­es. The free one Star­ter cour­se explains more about what the 7 basic anti­vi­ral pro­to­cols are. 

Kno­wing what sup­ple­ments do to pro­tect and fight for you gives you an extra lay­er of men­tal strength. Armed with this know­ledge, even when faced with set­backs, you know that you are giving your body the tools it needs to fight.

4. Morning cleansing takes too long

One of the most com­mon reasons peo­p­le acci­den­tal­ly acti­va­te their adre­nal glands is becau­se they take too much time with their mor­ning rou­ti­ne. Keep it simp­le. Use a timer. Have your fluids rea­dy and start immediately.

Some­ti­mes life gets in the way, that’s for sure. That’s why it’s so important to be pre­pared. You can even make your lemon water and cele­ry juice the night before. 

If you wait too long after waking up to start your mor­ning rou­ti­ne, your adre­nal glands will be triggered. 

Ano­ther mista­ke many peo­p­le make is not drin­king enough fluids after their mor­ning cle­an­se. Make sure you drink lemon water, cucum­ber juice, or coco­nut water for the rest of the day.

5. Failure to eat every two hours

Also, peo­p­le keep for­get­ting to eat every two hours. 

Sure, we’­re engros­sed in our day and our work, and the next thing we know it’s been 3 hours sin­ce our last adre­nal snack – you can feel your blood sugar levels drop­ping and your adre­nal glands failing. 

Eating some­thing every two hours will keep your blood sugar in check and avo­id the unneces­sa­ry release of adre­na­line. It can be a simp­le snack like App­les, Dates and green leafy vegetables. 

Again, set­ting a timer is a very useful tool to avo­id this trap.

The­re is an incre­di­ble resour­ce to help you under­stand the importance of pro­tec­ting your adre­nal glands. 

6. Missing important information + too many voices 

Every time you take on a new pro­ject, take the time to under­stand the full scope of the pro­ject in advan­ce. The same care should be taken befo­re embar­king on your new lifestyle. 

It is so important to ful­ly under­stand the infor­ma­ti­on it pro­vi­des. The­re are 8 books, seve­ral blogs, pod­casts and inter­views packed with infor­ma­ti­on. It can be over­whel­ming to even know whe­re to start. If you start lis­tening to other con­flic­ting voices on your jour­ney, you will only beco­me con­fu­sed. Stick to one voice and fol­low it all the way through. 

It is recom­men­ded to go with the book Heal yours­elf and the revi­sed and expan­ded edi­ti­on of Medi­al medi­ci­ne to start. The books are packed with heal­ing know­ledge. Read it tho­rough­ly and grasp all the nuances. 

If you are still over­whel­med after rea­ding the books, you can also use Muneeza’s free Star­ter cour­se begin. In it you will learn ever­y­thing about the basics of get­ting star­ted. The books con­tain a wealth of infor­ma­ti­on and it can some­ti­mes be over­whel­ming. This cour­se is desi­gned to help you under­stand the basics and get you star­ted on your journey.

7. Not taking the developmental process of viruses into account

Often peo­p­le start their heal­ing jour­ney and after a month or so don’t see the results they wan­ted, so frus­tra­ti­on sets in. What peo­p­le don’t rea­li­ze is that their virus has a tra­jec­to­ry and is alre­a­dy on its way.

Simi­lar to a ball thrown into the air – the ball will come down, but it will fol­low its tra­jec­to­ry until the exact point whe­re it has lost its momen­tum and then it will begin its descent. 

Our patho­gens also fol­low a move­ment path. They were fed until they got going. A few months of healt­hy eating does­n’t neces­s­a­ri­ly make up for the years of unpro­duc­ti­ve food that fue­led patho­gens. Once the patho­gens run out of food sources, you will see your heal­ing pro­gres­si­on begin its ascension. 

Focus on kno­wing that your body is heal­ing and ever­y­thing you do during the heal­ing pro­to­cols will help hin­der the dyna­mics of your pathogens.

8. Putting pressure on yourself 

Many peo­p­le make the mista­ke of over­ex­er­ting them­sel­ves when they are real­ly sick. It’s so important to know that you need to slow down when you’­re sick. When things feel dif­fi­cult, con­sider step­ping away from your usu­al life­style and making chan­ges that will make your life easier, not harder.

The sicker you are, the slower you need to be with the chan­ges you make. It’s not a good idea to chan­ge your diet, sup­ple­ments, and life­style over­night. Make small, las­ting chan­ges, start­ing with the easier ones and then working your way up to the more dif­fi­cult things. This will help you feel like small chan­ges are making you suc­cessful, boos­ting your con­fi­dence and hel­ping you reach the next level. Losing your con­fi­dence right from the start will not help you on your jour­ney to heal­ing from chro­nic illness. 

Remem­ber, this is a mara­thon, not a sprint.

9. Disregarding the importance of mastery 

It has been said seve­ral times to pro­ceed slow­ly. But what does that real­ly mean? 

A suc­cessful heal­ing path is important. This means mas­te­ring every chan­ge you make. Unless the change(s) you’­re making feels like second natu­re, you should­n’t move on to the next change. 

How do you know you are in con­trol of the chan­ges you are making?

It is now a habit that you imple­ment regu­lar­ly and con­sis­t­ent­ly. It feels light. 

If you are still strugg­ling with the ease of a habit, it has not yet rea­ched the level of mastery. 

Ano­ther reco­gni­ti­on point is: You feel emo­tio­nal­ly sta­ble with the­se chan­ges – that is, the chan­ges you make do not trig­ger any big fee­lings. When big fee­lings ari­se, you’­re still over­whel­med and pro­ba­b­ly doing too much.

For exam­p­le, if you’­re not emo­tio­nal­ly sta­ble when it comes to your food choices, you can stumb­le and rein­tro­du­ce the very foods and habits you real­ly want to let go of. 

Living a healt­hy life­style does­n’t have to be dif­fi­cult, the­re are many ways to approach it slow­ly and with ease. 

Hop­eful­ly, kno­wing the­se com­mon pit­falls will help you avo­id the mista­kes most peo­p­le make and take a smoot­her path.

Source: Munee­za Ahmed

Ger­man trans­la­ti­on: Sabi­ne Menzel

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