Ori­gi­nal recom­men­da­ti­ons from the USA:

Ori­gi­nal recom­men­da­ti­ons from the USA:

Celery juice male

Celery juice & Co

Com­pli­ant nut­ri­ti­on made easy.

Glasschale mit Dattel-Karotteln-Kugeln

Date-carrot balls 

Die­se klei­nen Kraft­pa­ke­te sor­gen für schnel­le Ener­gie, schme­cken köst­lich und sind flott gemacht. 


The health books from our favo­ri­te aut­hor in German.

Vimer­gy supplements

Offi­ci­al­ly recom­men­ded die­ta­ry supplement.

Celery juice & Co 1

Wild blueber­ries

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Celery juice & Co 2

Total Immu­ne Blend

with mull­ein, thy­me and zinc:

Green asparagus with hollandaise sauce

Vegan hollandaise sauce 

This vegan hol­lan­dai­se sau­ce is won­derful­ly cre­a­my and goes per­fect­ly with aspa­ra­gus and 

Celery juice & Co 3

Pre­mi­um Med­jool dates

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Hurom H330P Slow Juicer

Slow jui­cer H330P

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Celery juice & Co 4

Com­pli­ant reci­pe books

Cook com­pli­ant­ly

Celery juice & Co 6

Kasi­mir + Lieselotte

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Casserole dish with potato moussaka

Potato moussaka 

A hear­ty, fil­ling and soot­hing dish that is ide­al­ly com­ple­men­ted by a green salad