Ori­gi­nal AW recom­men­da­ti­ons from the USA:

Ori­gi­nal AW recom­men­da­ti­ons from the USA:

Brain Shots

The Brain Shots pro­vi­de quick reli­ef while working long-term to address pro­blems at a deeper level in the brain, ner­vous sys­tem and body. Your brain and body react quick­ly to the­se spe­cial, liquid extra­cts. The­se Brain Shots are com­po­sed in such a way that they are absor­bed very quick­ly in the mouth and then reach the brain quick­ly. The­re they have the abili­ty to rewire the brain and shock it out of its old pat­terns while redu­cing triggers.
Glass Sleep and Recharging Stabilizer
Sleep and Rech­ar­ging Stabilizer 

Do you wake up easi­ly during your night’s sleep? Do you not feel refres­hed when you wake up? Do you feel like your bat­tery is con­stant­ly emp­ty? Then drink the Sleep and Rech­ar­ging Sta­bi­li­zer Brain Shot. 

Glass with Wisdom and Intuition Stabilizer
Wis­dom and Intui­ti­on Stabilizer 

Are you try­ing to impro­ve your intui­ti­on? Do you want to streng­then your con­nec­tion with abo­ve? Are you loo­king for ans­wers that con­cern you and your envi­ron­ment? Then try the Wis­dom and Intui­ti­on Sta­bi­li­zer Brain Shot. 

Radia­ti­on Exposure 

Are you tra­ve­ling by pla­ne? Have you been near air­port scan­ners? Have you had medi­cal tests such as CT scans, X‑rays, fluo­ro­sco­py or MRI’s? Then take the Radia­ti­on Con­ta­mi­na­ti­on Brain Shot. 

Jar of Nerve-Gut Acid Stabilizer
Ner­ve-Gut Acid Stabilizer 

Are you strugg­ling with sto­mach cramps, bloa­ting, chro­nic gas­tri­tis, mild acid reflux or other diges­ti­ve dis­or­ders? Or have you been told you have a pro­blem with your micro­bio­me? Then take the Ner­ve-Gut Acid Sta­bi­li­zer Brain Shot. 

Glass with Trauma, Shock and Loss Stabilizer
Trau­ma, Shock and Loss Stabilizer 

Have you lost a loved one or pet? Have you been dia­gno­sed with a chro­nic ill­ness? Are you expe­ri­en­cing emo­tio­nal turm­oil in your fami­ly? Try Trau­ma, Shock and Loss Sta­bi­li­zer Brain Shot. 

Glass with Toxic Heavy Metals Exposure Brain Shot
Toxic Hea­vy Metals Exposure 

Have you recent­ly had den­tal tre­at­ment with fluo­ri­de? Have you had to brea­the in the smell of air fres­he­ners or per­fu­me? Have you recent­ly been out­doors during a fire­works display?
Then take this Toxic Light, Hea­vy and Semi-Metal Con­ta­mi­na­ti­on Brain Shot. 

Glass with ego shifter
Ego Shifter 

Do you feel like you’­ve been a litt­le too self-absor­bed? Or do you want to free yours­elf so your authen­tic soul can shi­ne through? Do you feel like you’­re losing your true self? Then try the Ego Shifter. 

Glass with Relationship Breakups Stabilizer
Rela­ti­onship Brea­kups Stabilizer 

Are you going through a dif­fi­cult pha­se in your rela­ti­onship? Or do you feel like the­re is no solu­ti­on to unre­sol­ved pro­blems in your fami­ly or with fri­ends? Then try the Rela­ti­onship Brea­kups Sta­bi­li­zer Brain Shot. 

C‑Trails Exposure 

Do you spend a lot of time out­doors? Do you spend time at the beach or sit at out­door gathe­rings and see mul­ti­ple C‑trails in the sky at once? Do you sleep with the win­dow open at night? Then use this C‑Trails Expo­sure Brain Shot. 

Anger Shifter 

Do you suf­fer from fits of anger that seem to come on for no appa­rent reason? Are you angry about strugg­ling with chro­nic ill­ness? Are you angry at yours­elf or at world events? Then try the Anger Shif­ter Brain Shot. 

Patho­gens Exposure 

Do you feel like you might have caught viru­s­es from other peo­p­le? Are you worried that you might get food poi­so­ning? Then this Patho­gens Expo­sure Brain Shot is useful. 

Food Fear Shifter 

Do you find it dif­fi­cult to give up a luxu­ry item that is bad for you? Or do you have an inex­pli­ca­ble aver­si­on or fear of cer­tain foods that are healt­hy? Then you should try the Food Fear Brain Shot. 

Toxic Fra­gran­ces Exposure 

Are you in clo­se cont­act with peo­p­le who are dren­ched in hair­spray, after­shave, cos­me­tics and body lotions? Are you bothe­red by the smell of deter­gents and fabric sof­ten­ers? Then try this Toxic Fra­gran­ces Expo­sure Brain Shot. 

Fin­ding Your Purpose 

Do you feel lost or out of place? Do you feel like you are not living the life you were meant to live? Or do you feel like you have lost your free will? Then try the Fin­ding Your Pur­po­se Brain Shot. 

Glass with mood shifter
Mood Shifter 

Do you suf­fer from irri­ta­bi­li­ty, frus­tra­ti­on or moo­di­ness? Do you feel depres­sed and need a pick-me-up? Are you easi­ly emo­tio­nal­ly unba­lan­ced? Then try the Mood Shif­ter Brain Shot. 

Cra­vings Shifter 

Do you suf­fer from food cra­vings that just won’t satia­te? Do you need help redu­cing your fat inta­ke? Would you like to kick your caf­feine or salt addic­tion? Then try this Cra­vings Shif­ter Brain Shot. 

Medical Medium® Brain Shot Speaking Your Truth
Spea­king Your Truth 

Do you want to get in bet­ter touch with your own truth? Or are you afraid to know the truth about some­thing? Even if you feel sup­pres­sed and not heard, this Spea­king Your Truth Brain Shot is a good choice. 

Ener­gy Shifter 

Do you despera­te­ly need an ener­gy boost at luncht­i­me? Do you feel unba­lan­ced, as if you don’t have enough ener­gy? Or is it the other way around and do you feel like you have too much ener­gy and wish you had more rest? Try this Ener­gy Shif­ter Brain Shot.

Glass with Pharmaceutical Exposure Brain Shot
Phar­maceu­ti­cal Exposure 

Have you had anti­bio­tic tre­at­ments for infec­tions? Have you had to take a lot of pain­kil­lers or had sur­gery? This Phar­maceu­ti­cal Expo­sure Brain Shot is also hel­pful for new medi­cal tre­at­ments of any kind.

Guilt and Shame Shifter Medical Medium® Brain Shot
Guilt and Shame Shifter 

Have you lost con­fi­dence in yours­elf? Do you feel infe­ri­or or like you’­re not good enough? If you’­re fee­ling asha­med or guil­ty in any way, try this Guilt and Shame Shif­ter Brain Shot. 

EMF and 5G Exposure 

Do you spend a lot of time with com­pu­ters and com­pu­ter-con­trol­led tech­no­lo­gy? Do you tra­vel a lot by pla­ne? Do you live near a cell tower? Do you spend a lot of time on your cell pho­ne? Then try this EMF and 5G Expo­sure Brain Shot. 

Ner­ve Shifter 

Do you suf­fer from rest­less leg syn­dro­me? Are you plagued by ran­dom cramps, twit­ches or tics? Do you feel shaky or anxious? Then try this Ner­ve Shif­ter Brain Shot.

Glass with burnout stabilizer
Burn­out Stabilizer 

Do you need caf­feine to con­cen­tra­te and gain ener­gy? Are you com­ple­te­ly over­whel­med? Do you feel exhaus­ted on all levels? Then use this Burn­out Sta­bi­li­zer Brain Shot for quick help. 

Nega­ti­ve Ener­gy Exposure 

Can’t get rid of depres­sing, bad thoughts? Do things seem to be going wrong in your life or are you fee­ling unhap­py? Then this Nega­ti­ve Ener­gy Expo­sure Brain Shot can be a hel­pful mea­su­re for you. 

Glass with Dreams Shifter
Dreams Shifter 

Do you have dis­tur­bing dreams that are very stressful and even frigh­tening? Or do you want to use your dreams to under­stand your soul and its past? The Dreams Shif­ter Brain Shot will help you move for­ward in this area. 

Glass with Adrenal fight or flight stabilizer
Adre­nal Fight or Flight Stabilizer 

Is stress domi­na­ting your life? Are you having trou­ble rela­xing? Are you suf­fe­ring from some kind of PTSD or are you addic­ted to caf­feine? Then try this Adre­nal Fight or Flight Sta­bi­li­zer Brain Shot. 

Glass with Mold Exposure Brain Shot
Mold Exposure 

This Mold Expo­sure Brain Shot is very hel­pful if you have come into cont­act with mold. Be it through living in a mol­dy home, inha­ling mold from clot­hing, or eating mol­dy food. 

Glass with Obsessive Thoughts Shifter
Obses­si­ve Thought Shifter 

Do you suf­fer from obses­si­ve com­pul­si­ve dis­or­der? Are the­re recur­ring thoughts that tor­ment you? Are you try­ing to break repea­ted pain­ful thought pat­terns? Then try this Obses­si­ve Thought Shif­ter Brain Shot and find relief! 

Glass with Betrayal and Broken Trust Stabilizer
Betra­y­al and Bro­ken Trust Stabilizer 

Are you strugg­ling with betra­y­al and bro­ken trust? Are you going through a tough time becau­se you feel like your body or a per­son has let you down? Are you stres­sed out by not being taken serious­ly? Then this Betra­y­al and Bro­ken Trust Sta­bi­li­zer Brain Shot can pro­vi­de you with quick relief.