Tip: The Micro‑C recom­men­ded by Antho­ny Wil­liam is curr­ent­ly on offer: 

Tip: The Micro‑C recom­men­ded by Antho­ny Wil­liam is curr­ent­ly on offer: 

Medical Medium Brain Shots

The Medi­cal Medi­um Brain Shots pro­vi­de quick reli­ef while working long-term to address pro­blems at a deeper level in the brain, ner­vous sys­tem and body. Your brain and body react quick­ly to the­se spe­cial, liquid extra­cts. The­se Brain Shots are com­po­sed in such a way that they are absor­bed very quick­ly in the mouth and then reach the brain quick­ly. The­re they have the abili­ty to rewire the brain and shock it out of its old pat­terns while redu­cing triggers.
Glass Pesticide, Herbicide and Fungicide Exposure
Pesti­ci­de, Her­bici­de and Fun­gi­ci­de Exposure 

Does your neigh­bor spray his lawn with insec­ti­ci­de? Do you live within 40 km of a con­ven­tio­nal fruit or vege­ta­ble farm? Are you expo­sed to recent­ly deli­ver­ed packa­ges? Then take the Medi­cal Medi­um Pesti­ci­de, Her­bici­de and Fun­gi­ci­de Expo­sure Brain Shot. 

Glass Sleep and Recharging Stabilizer
Sleep and Rech­ar­ging Stabilizer 

Do you wake up easi­ly during your night’s sleep? Don’t you feel refres­hed when you wake up? Do you feel like your bat­tery is con­stant­ly run­ning out? Then drink the Medi­cal Medi­um Sleep and Rech­ar­ging Sta­bi­li­zer Brain Shot. 

Glass with Wisdom and Intuition Stabilizer
Wis­dom and Intui­ti­on Stabilizer 

Are you try­ing to impro­ve your intui­ti­on? Do you want to streng­then your con­nec­tion with abo­ve? Are you loo­king for ans­wers that affect you and tho­se around you? Then try the Wis­dom and Intui­ti­on Sta­bi­li­zer Brain Shot. 

Radia­ti­on Exposure 

Are you tra­ve­ling by pla­ne? Have you been near air­port scan­ners? Have you had any medi­cal exams such as CT scans, X‑rays, fluo­ro­sco­py or MRI’s? Then take the Medi­cal Medi­um Radia­ti­on Expo­sure Brain Shot. 

Jar of Nerve-Gut Acid Stabilizer
Ner­ve-Gut Acid Stabilizer 

Are you strugg­ling with sto­mach cramps, bloa­ting, chro­nic gas­tri­tis, mild acid reflux, or other diges­ti­ve dis­or­ders? Or have you been told that you have a pro­blem with the micro­bio­me? Then take the Medi­cal Medi­um Ner­ve-Gut Acid Sta­bi­li­zer Brain Shot. 

Glass with Trauma, Shock and Loss Stabilizer
Trau­ma, Shock & Loss Stabilizer 

Have you lost a loved one or a pet? Have you been dia­gno­sed with a chro­nic ill­ness? Are you expe­ri­en­cing emo­tio­nal turm­oil in your fami­ly? Then try the Medi­cal Medi­um Trau­ma, Shock & Loss Sta­bi­li­zer Brain Shot. 

Glass with Toxic Heavy Metals Exposure Brain Shot
Toxic Hea­vy Metals Exposure 

Have you recent­ly had den­tal tre­at­ment with fluo­ri­de? Have you had to brea­the in the smell of air fres­he­ners or per­fu­me? Have you recent­ly been out­doors during a fire­works display?
Then take this Toxic Hea­vy Metals Expo­sure Brain Shot. 

Glass with ego shifter
Ego shifter 

Do you feel like you’­ve been a litt­le too self-absor­bed? Or do you want to free yours­elf so that your authen­tic soul shi­nes through? Do you feel like you’­re losing your true self? Then try the Medi­cal Medi­um Ego Shifter. 

Glass with Relationship Breakups Stabilizer
Rela­ti­onship Brea­kups Stabilizer 

Are you curr­ent­ly in a dif­fi­cult pha­se in your rela­ti­onship? Or do you feel like the­re is no solu­ti­on to unre­sol­ved pro­blems in fami­ly or fri­ends? Then try the Rela­ti­onship Brea­kups Sta­bi­li­zer Medi­cal Medi­um Brain Shot. 

C‑Trails Exposure 

Do you spend a lot of time out­doors? Do you spend time on the beach or sit at out­door gathe­rings and see mul­ti­ple chem trails in the sky at once? Do you sleep with the win­dow open at night? Then use this Medi­cal Medi­um Brain Shot. 

Angry Shifter 

Do you suf­fer from tan­trums that seem to occur wit­hout cau­se? Are you angry about strugg­ling with chro­nic ill­ness? Are you angry at yours­elf or at world events? Then try the Medi­cal Medi­um Anger Shifter. 

Patho­gen Exposure 

Do you have the fee­ling that you might have caught viru­s­es from other peo­p­le? Are you worried that you might get food poi­so­ning? Then this Patho­gen Expo­sure Medi­cal Medi­um Brain Shot makes sense. 

Food Fear Shifters 

Do you find it dif­fi­cult to part with a luxu­ry food that is har­ming you? Or do you have an inex­pli­ca­ble aver­si­on or fear of cer­tain foods that are healt­hy? Then you should try the Medi­cal Medi­um Brain Shot Food Fear Shifter. 

Toxic Fra­gran­ces Exposure 

Are you in clo­se cont­act with peo­p­le soa­ked in hair­spray, after­shave, cos­me­tics and body lotions? Are you bothe­red by the smell of deter­gents and fabric sof­ten­ers? Then try this Medi­cal Medi­um Brain Shot. 

Fin­ding Your Pur­po­se Stabilizer 

Do you feel lost or out of place? Do you feel like you’­re not living the life you were meant to? Or does it feel like you have lost your free will? Then try the Fin­ding Your Pur­po­se Medi­cal Medi­um Brain Shot. 

Mood shifter 

Do you suf­fer from irri­ta­bi­li­ty, frus­tra­ti­on or moo­di­ness? Are you fee­ling depres­sed and need a cheer up? Are you easi­ly unba­lan­ced emo­tio­nal­ly? Then try the Mood Shif­ter Medi­cal Medi­um® Brain Shot. 

Craving’s Shifter 

Do you suf­fer from cra­vings that are insa­tia­ble? Do you need help redu­cing your fat con­sump­ti­on? Would you like to kick your caf­feine or salt addic­tion? Then try this Medi­cal Medi­um Brain Shot. 

Medical Medium® Brain Shot Speaking Your Truth
Spea­king Your Truth Stabilizer 

Would you like to get more in touch with your own truth? Or are you afraid of kno­wing the truth about some­thing? Even if you feel sup­pres­sed and not being heard, this Medi­cal Medi­um® Brain Shot is a good choice. 

Ener­gy Shifter 

Do you urgen­tly need a mid­day ener­gy boost? Do you feel unba­lan­ced, like you don’t have enough ener­gy? Or is it the other way around and do you feel like you have too much ener­gy and would like more rest? Try this Medi­cal Medi­um® Brain Shot.

Glass with Pharmaceutical Exposure Brain Shot
Phar­maceu­ti­cal Exposure 

Have you had anti­bio­tic tre­at­ments for infec­tions? Have you had to take a lot of pain­kil­lers or have you had an ope­ra­ti­on? This Medi­cal Medi­um Brain Shot is also hel­pful for new medi­cal tre­at­ments of any kind.

Guilt and Shame Shifter Medical Medium® Brain Shot
Guilt and shame shifter 

Have you lost con­fi­dence in yours­elf? Do you feel infe­ri­or or like you’­re not good enough? If you feel asha­med or guil­ty in any way, try this Medi­cal Medi­um® Brain Shot. 

EMF and 5G Exposure 

Do you spend a lot of time with com­pu­ters and com­pu­ter-con­trol­led tech­no­lo­gy? Do you tra­vel a lot by pla­ne? Do you live near a cell tower? Are you on your cell pho­ne a lot? Then try this Medi­cal Medi­um® Brain Shot. 

Ner­ve shifters 

Do you suf­fer from rest­less legs syn­dro­me? Are you plagued by ran­dom cramps, twit­ches or tics? Do you feel shaky or anxious? Then try this Medi­cal Medi­um® Brain Shot.

Glass with burnout stabilizer
Burn­out stabilizer 

Do you need caf­feine to con­cen­tra­te and gain ener­gy? Are you com­ple­te­ly over­loa­ded? Do you feel exhaus­ted on all levels? Then use this Medi­cal Medi­um® Brain Shot for quick help. 

Nega­ti­ve Ener­gy Exposure 

Can’t get rid of depres­sing, bad thoughts? Do things seem to be going wrong in your life or are you fee­ling unhap­py? Then this Medi­cal Medi­um® Brain Shot can be a hel­pful mea­su­re for you. 

Dream Shifter 

Do you have dis­tur­bing dreams that are very stressful and even sca­ry? Or would you like to use your dreams to under­stand your soul and its past? This Medi­cal Medi­um® Brain Shot will take you for­ward in this area. 

Glass with Adrenal Fight or Flight Stabilizer
Adre­nal Fight or Flight Stabilizer 

Does stress domi­na­te your life? Can’t you relax any­mo­re? Do you suf­fer from any type of PTSD or are you addic­ted to caf­feine? Then try this Medi­cal Medi­um® Brain Shot. 

Mold Exposure 

This Medi­cal Medi­um Brain Shot is very hel­pful if you have come into cont­act with mold. Be it from living in a mol­dy apart­ment, inha­ling mold from clot­hing, or eating mol­dy food. 

Brain Shot Obsessive Thoughts Shifter
Obses­si­ve Thought Shifter 

Do you suf­fer from OCD? Are the­re recur­ring thoughts that tor­ment you? Are you try­ing to break repe­ti­ti­ve pain­ful thought pat­terns? Then try this Medi­cal Medi­um Brain Shot and find relief! 

Brain Shot Betrayal And Broken Trust
Betra­y­al and Bro­ken Trust Stabilizer 

Are you strugg­ling with betra­y­al and bro­ken trust? Are you having a hard time becau­se you think your body or a per­son has fai­led you? Does it bother you that you are­n’t taken serious­ly? Then this Medi­cal Medi­um® Brain Shot offers you quick relief. 

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