Ori­gi­nal recom­men­da­ti­ons from the USA:

Ori­gi­nal recom­men­da­ti­ons from the USA:

Vimergy Supplements 1

Vimergy supplements

We pre­fer Vimer­gy to all other manu­fac­tu­r­ers becau­se of its out­stan­ding qua­li­ty, based on our own expe­ri­ence Vimer­gy are excel­lent. On this page you will find the pri­ce com­pa­ri­son for the uni­que Vimer­gy sup­ple­ments! Vimer­gy can final­ly be orde­red duty-free to Ger­ma­ny, Aus­tria, Switz­er­land, Hol­land and many other count­ries in Euro­pe. To compa­re, sim­ply click on the but­tons under the respec­ti­ve product.

5-HTP capsules from Vimergy

In this era, health con­cerns have beco­me cru­cial for every indi­vi­du­al. A key to this is the effec­ti­ve use of nut­ri­tio­nal sup­ple­ments to impro­ve our health and ensu­re our well-being. One such com­pa­ny that is a lea­der in this space is Vimer­gy. In this artic­le, we high­light what Vimer­gy offers and why its sup­ple­ments could be of pos­si­ble bene­fit to you.

Vimergy Products: An Introduction to Health

The philosophy behind Vimergy

Vimer­gy was foun­ded as a small fami­ly busi­ness in 2012 with the belief that puri­ty and inte­gri­ty should be at the heart of pro­duct deve­lo­p­ment. It is this pro­prie­ta­ry phi­lo­so­phy that has made the brand so suc­cessful in the high­ly com­pe­ti­ti­ve nut­ri­tio­nal sup­ple­ment market.

The Vimergy product range

Vimergy’s pro­duct ran­ge con­sists of nut­ri­tio­nal sup­ple­ments such as vit­amin C, vit­amin B12 and zinc. All of the­se pro­ducts are non-GMO and glu­ten-free, which shows that Vimer­gy does not com­pro­mi­se when it comes to the puri­ty and qua­li­ty of its products.

Importance of purity and stance against genetic engineering

Vimer­gy atta­ches gre­at importance to ensu­ring that pro­ducts are free of gene­tic engi­nee­ring and harmful sub­s­tances. He also atta­ches gre­at importance to puri­ty and pro­duct qua­li­ty when it comes to ingredients.

Vimergy’s Micro‑C Immunity: The Vitamin C ‘Miracle Powder’

Why is vitamin C so important for our health?

The vit­amin C con­tai­ned in Micro C is an essen­ti­al nut­ri­ent for main­tai­ning our immu­ne sys­tem and our over­all health and well-being. It is also important for col­la­gen for­ma­ti­on and wound heal­ing and has anti­oxi­dant properties.

Benefits of the Micro‑C Immune Supplement

Vimergy’s Micro‑C Immu­ne Sup­ple­ment offers a high-dose, easy-to-con­su­me form of vit­amin C. Available in pow­der form, the die­ta­ry sup­ple­ment can be dis­sol­ved in water and drunk, pro­vi­ding a quick and effec­ti­ve sup­p­ly of the important vitamin.

250 g pack: The “long-lasting” miracle?

Vimergy’s 250g pack of Micro‑C Immu­ne Vit­ami­ne C pow­der pro­vi­des a suf­fi­ci­ent amount of vit­amin C to meet nut­ri­ent requi­re­ments for a lon­ger peri­od of time. With a dai­ly dose of just 1 teas­poon, the pack lasts a very long time – a real “long-las­ting” miracle!

Vimergy Vitamin B12: A must for vegans?

The need for vitamin B12 in a vegan diet

Humans can­not pro­du­ce the essen­ti­al nut­ri­ent B12 them­sel­ves. Here Vimergy’s Vit­amin B12 can help to ensu­re suf­fi­ci­ent supply.

Vitamin B12 as a dietary supplement in capsules and liquid form

Vimer­gy offers vit­amin B12 in both liquid form and cap­su­les, making it easier and more con­ve­ni­ent to meet your dai­ly needs for this important vitamin.

Ingredients and their effect on the nervous system

Vit­amin B12 is important for the func­tio­ning of the ner­vous sys­tem. An ade­qua­te sup­p­ly of vit­amin B12 can help main­tain and impro­ve the health of the ner­vous system.

Vimergy’s love for nature

Vimergy’s belief: health and well-being through natural recommendations

Vimer­gy sin­ce­re­ly belie­ves that our health and well-being are con­nec­ted to natu­re. Their pro­duct Zinc is deri­ved from natu­ral sources and is desi­gned to help keep the body healt­hy and streng­then immu­ne function.

Strengthen the immune system with Vimergy’s zinc

Zinc is an essen­ti­al nut­ri­ent for immu­ne sys­tem func­tion. Ade­qua­te zinc inta­ke can help streng­then the immu­ne sys­tem and impro­ve our over­all health.

How good is zinc for strengthening the immune system?

The con­sis­tent posi­ti­ve respon­se from cus­to­mers shows that zinc sul­fa­te sup­ple­ment can be very effec­ti­ve in streng­thening the immu­ne system.

Buy Vimergy online via Ringnaturshop, Supplementa, Morgen is Nu or Keimling

Online shops full of your favorite healthy products

You can buy Vimer­gy pro­ducts in the online shops of Ring­na­tur, Sup­ple­men­ta, Mor­gen is Nu and Keim­ling. You can choo­se bet­ween a varie­ty of healt­hy and natu­ral favo­ri­te pro­ducts to com­ple­ment your diet and increase your well-being.

Vimergy products: availability, prices and recommendations

All Vimer­gy pro­ducts are available online and can be orde­red online. You can compa­re pri­ces by cli­cking on the but­tons abo­ve under the pro­duct to find out the che­a­pest offer. For us, this brand is defi­ni­te­ly our first choice when it comes to supplements.

Vimergy dietary supplements

Which of the Vimer­gy Die­ta­ry sup­ple­ments are actual­ly important, which ones could you do without?

The­re are no gene­ral recom­men­da­ti­ons here, becau­se the right die­ta­ry sup­ple­ments must always be tail­o­red to the indi­vi­du­al case. In gene­ral, die­ta­ry sup­ple­ments from Vimer­gy sup­port the body, mind and soul and can the­r­e­fo­re also pro­mo­te your own health. What’s spe­cial about it Vimer­gy Howe­ver, the pro­ducts are of excel­lent qua­li­ty with valuable, pure nut­ri­ents. The nut­ri­tio­nal sup­ple­ments are also very easy to take. The three die­ta­ry sup­ple­ments vit­amin B12, vit­amin C and zinc ser­ve as basics.

Vimergy Vitamin B12

In gene­ral, vit­amin B12 is one of the most important nut­ri­ents for our body. Wit­hout this vit­amin we could not live long. While we con­stant­ly con­su­me vit­amin C, which is equal­ly important, through food, albeit in small amounts, vit­amin B12 must be pro­du­ced by our body.

Increased bio­tics or increased micro­or­ga­nisms are cru­cial for suf­fi­ci­ent vit­amin B12 pro­duc­tion in the body. Becau­se even tho­se who eat meat regu­lar­ly do not absorb the vit­amin as such. Ano­ther pro­blem is that blood tests that are inten­ded to detect the vit­amin B12 con­tent in the blood are only par­ti­al­ly relia­ble. They can­not show how high the vit­amin B12 con­tent is in the cen­tral ner­vous sys­tem. It is the­r­e­fo­re advi­sa­ble to rely on the high-qua­li­ty vit­amin B12 from Vimer­gy to set.

Vimergy Micro C

Under the name of Vimer­gy Micro C is the high-qua­li­ty vit­amin C pro­du­ced by the die­ta­ry sup­ple­ment manu­fac­tu­rer. In gene­ral, vit­amin C is one of the most important vit­amins for humans. It is inten­ded to pre­vent colds and flu-like infec­tions, sup­port reco­very from such infec­tions and impro­ve gene­ral well-being.

While many other forms of vit­amin C are not very diges­ti­ble, this is… Vimer­gy Micro C dif­fe­rent. It is con­side­red par­ti­cu­lar­ly diges­ti­ble and gent­le on the diges­ti­ve sys­tem. The mix­tu­re of vit­amin C, rose hip, gra­pe seed extra­ct, ace­ro­la fruit extra­ct and rutin in liquid form is said to be effec­ti­ve not only against clas­sic viru­s­es and bac­te­ria, but also against fun­gi. The die­ta­ry sup­ple­ment is also said to streng­then the enti­re immu­ne system.

Vimergy zinc is significant

Many health-con­scious peo­p­le worry about whe­ther they are get­ting enough vit­amin D or pro­bio­tics. The most com­mon defi­ci­en­cy occurs in zinc and vit­amin B12. The­se two nut­ri­ents are cru­cial for our health. Zinc should the­r­e­fo­re always be included as a basis in a balan­ced nut­ri­tio­nal sup­ple­ment. Espe­ci­al­ly when bac­te­ria, viru­s­es and other patho­gens attack our body, a lot of zinc is con­su­med. Harmful micro­or­ga­nisms can be bet­ter defen­ded if our body is suf­fi­ci­ent­ly sup­pli­ed with zinc.

Optimize your health with Vimergy Magnesium Glycinate

Expe­ri­ence the trans­for­ma­ti­ve power of Magne­si­um Gly­ci­na­te, a high-qua­li­ty nut­ri­tio­nal sup­ple­ment desi­gned to sup­port your health. Magne­si­um is a cru­cial nut­ri­ent essen­ti­al for a varie­ty of body func­tions, and Vimer­gy offers a pre­mi­um for­mu­la for maxi­mum absorption.

Our magne­si­um gly­ci­na­te is careful­ly craf­ted to ensu­re the hig­hest puri­ty and poten­cy. This form of magne­si­um is par­ti­cu­lar­ly easy to digest and is effi­ci­ent­ly absor­bed by the body, resul­ting in opti­mal uti­liza­ti­on of the nutrients.

The bene­fits of magne­si­um gly­ci­na­te are many. It can help redu­ce mus­cle spasms, pro­mo­te ener­gy meta­bo­lism and sup­port healt­hy sleep. Addi­tio­nal­ly, magne­si­um plays a key role in main­tai­ning healt­hy bones and a strong immu­ne system.

Our cus­to­mers rave about the qua­li­ty and effec­ti­ve­ness of magne­si­um gly­ci­na­te. Trust a brand that is com­mit­ted to the hig­hest pro­duct qua­li­ty and trans­pa­ren­cy. Give your body what it deser­ves and expe­ri­ence the posi­ti­ve chan­ges with Vimer­gy Magne­si­um Glycinate.

Order today and invest in your health with a pro­duct you can trust. Magne­si­um gly­ci­na­te – becau­se your health is worth it.

Vimergy nutritional supplements at a glance

Of cour­se, in addi­ti­on to the three basics, the­re are num­e­rous other nut­ri­tio­nal sup­ple­ments Vimer­gy, such as L‑lysine, bar­ley grass juice pow­der, which con­ta­ins many vit­amins and mine­rals, or spi­ru­li­na pow­der, to name just a few. Which of the­se your body needs should always be che­cked on a case-by-case basis. This depends on your living con­di­ti­ons, your gene­ral sta­te of health, but also your eating habits.