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All Vimer­gy sup­ple­ments at a glance:

All Vimer­gy sup­ple­ments at a glance:


Is chlorel­la algae as good as its repu­ta­ti­on? Can it actual­ly help eli­mi­na­te hea­vy metals? The Truth About Chlorella! 

Basi­cal­ly, our favo­ri­te aut­hor is a big fan of Algae. Algae can ser­ve as mul­ti­vit­amins and even deto­xi­fy hea­vy metals. It is pre­cis­e­ly the lat­ter that we make use of and that is why they are Dul­se- and Spi­ru­li­na-Algae also part of the famous Hea­vy Metal Detox Smoothies. Accor­ding to our favo­ri­te aut­hor, they are one of the decisi­ve fac­tors in free­ing us from dise­a­ses such as depres­si­on, anxie­ty dis­or­ders and Alzheimer’s.

Is chlorella a healthy algae?

But what about the algae? Chlorel­la out of? The name chlorel­la is even more fami­li­ar to many peo­p­le than that of algae Dul­se and Spi­ru­li­na. Howe­ver, this is wrong. Not only does chlorel­la not pro­vi­de us with any health bene­fits, it actual­ly harms us.

This means that chlorel­la does not mana­ge to remo­ve metals from the body. If chlorel­la absorbs metals, it releases them into adja­cent are­as of the tis­sue, which can lead to fur­ther health problems!

Warning about chlorella!

So you should be awa­re that chlorel­la sup­ple­ments can be con­ta­mi­na­ted with harmful bacteria.

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