All Vimer­gy sup­ple­ments at a glance:

All Vimer­gy sup­ple­ments at a glance:

Effects and uses of burdock root

In Japan, bur­dock root is an ever­y­day vege­ta­ble. Bur­dock is now wide­spread all over the world. But how exact­ly can we real­ly make use of the heal­ing root? 
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The positive effects of burdock root

If we don’t take care of our liver, over time the liver will beco­me den­se and hard and its spon­gy con­sis­ten­cy will be lost. 

The root prac­ti­cal­ly owns all trace ele­ments and bey­ond Vit­amin A, C and K, as well as traces of B vit­amins.

Uses of burdock root

The bur­dock root came to be used in a varie­ty of ways:

  1. teaDried bur­dock root can be used won­derful­ly for tea. Its sweet and ear­thy tas­te com­bi­nes well with other flavors.
  2. tinc­tu­re – (The tinc­tu­re is recom­men­ded Bur­dock root from Nature’s Ans­wer)
  3. Jui­ced – For cer­tain cli­ni­cal pic­tures it is good to juice one or more roots.
  4. “Liver Res­cue” Broth – Fresh bur­dock root is part of the popu­lar medi­cinal liver broth. The root can also be used in other medi­cinal brot­hs (e.g. Heal­ing broth) can also be used.
  5. Soup – You can also use the sli­ced, fresh bur­dock root in soups.

Harvest burdock root yourself

Typi­cal­ly, bur­docks are bien­ni­al plants. The sphe­ri­cal, pink inflo­re­s­cence with flower heads only deve­lo­ps in the second year.

Bur­docks are not only known for the fact that their fruit heads tend to stick to clot­hing or ani­mal fur. Its strong taproot, which extends up to one meter into the ground, also makes the bur­dock so special.

Effects and uses of burdock root 1
Bur­dock flower

With a bit of luck, you can also find the bur­dock in your home. They are often found in places whe­re more deman­ding plants do not like it. Roadsi­des, fen­ces, walls, dams or rub­ble dumps are some examp­les. Autumn is the opti­mal time to har­ve­st the long, fle­shy roots of burdock.

You can also cul­ti­va­te bur­dock in your own gar­den. A sun­ny to par­ti­al­ly shaded spot is ide­al for the plant. Basi­cal­ly, the plant is very robust and easy to care for.

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