All Vimer­gy sup­ple­ments at a glance:

All Vimer­gy sup­ple­ments at a glance:

Adrenal snacks

Over­loa­ded adre­nal glands don’t have to be the case. In this artic­le you will learn how you can spe­ci­fi­cal­ly reli­e­ve your adre­nal glands on a dai­ly basis. Fre­quent small adre­nal snacks are the solu­ti­on and redu­ce stress in the liver, adre­nal glands and pancreas. 

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Con­tra­ry to many people’s eating habits, it is very important to eat small snacks bet­ween main meals. This is so important becau­se the blood sugar level drops appro­xi­m­ate­ly 1 ½ to 2 hours after meals. To com­pen­sa­te for this low value, the adre­nal glands have to pro­du­ce excess adre­na­line, which in the long term puts a lot of strain on them and drains them.

Protection of the adrenal glands

You can pro­tect your adre­nal glands from this con­stant stress by eating a small adre­nal snack every 1.5 to 2 hours. This will do you a big favor even if you suf­fer from a chro­nic ill­ness or have a chro­nic sym­ptom. In the case of heartb­urn, bloa­ting, weight gain, dia­be­tes, acne, ecze­ma, mul­ti­ple scle­ro­sis, cysts, fibro­my­al­gia and migrai­nes (just to name a few), it is very important not to release more unneces­sa­ry adrenaline.

As you can pro­ba­b­ly guess, this snack isn’t about cho­co­la­te bars or chips. 😉 The recom­men­ded adre­nal snacks have a balan­ced ratio of glu­co­se, sodium and pot­as­si­um. The­se snacks are an important step on the path to self-heal­ing. Not only are the adre­nal glands pro­tec­ted, but the liver and pan­cre­as also expe­ri­ence enorm­ous relief.

20 adrenal snacks

  • Apple, cele­ry and dates
  • Oran­ge, avo­ca­do and spinach
  • Sweet pota­to, kale and lemon juice
  • Cucum­ber, avo­ca­do and lime juice
  • bana­nas, Dates and romaine lettuce
  • Coco­nut water, dried apri­cots and celery
  • Coco­nut water, bana­na and spinach
  • Pear, ber­ries and lamb’s lettuce
  • Man­go, figs and celery
  • Oran­ges, cori­an­der and but­ter lettuce
  • Raspber­ries, tan­ge­ri­nes and green leaf lettuce
  • Ber­ry, raw honey and cucumber
  • Apple, Dates and chard
  • Bana­nas, gra­pes and red leaf lettuce
  • Apple, cau­li­flower and cucumber
  • Water­me­lon with lime juice and cele­ry juice 
  • Cele­ry and dates 
  • Cele­ry and figs 
  • Cau­li­flower, dates and cucumber
  • Cau­li­flower, cucum­ber and celery

You should eat adre­nal snacks every 90 – 120 minu­tes. You may also need them every 30–60 minu­tes to rege­ne­ra­te your adre­nal glands and not release adrenaline.

Adrenal Snacks and Addictions 

The­se adre­nal snacks will also help you over­co­me any addic­tions you may have, such as: B. after sweets or alco­hol to over­co­me. If you try to stay away from refi­ned, unhe­alt­hy sug­ars but don’t replace them with natu­ral sug­ars from fruits and star­chy vege­ta­bles, over time your body will be floo­ded with adre­na­line every time you see your favo­ri­te can­dy or glass of wine. You’ll pro­ba­b­ly noti­ce that you’­re fee­ling exci­ted or shaking insi­de, both of which are hall­marks of an adre­na­line rush. Do yours­elf a favor and flood your body with heal­ing natu­ral sug­ars and con­su­me some glu­co­se, sodium and pot­as­si­um in the form of adre­nal snacks every hour or two to pre­vent the­se adre­na­line rus­hes from wrea­king havoc on the body and wea­k­e­ning your adre­nal glands unnecessarily . 

Adre­nal snacks are an important part of pro­tec­ting your adre­nal glands and should the­r­e­fo­re be a dai­ly part of your health care. 


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