Ori­gi­nal AW recom­men­da­ti­ons from the USA:

Ori­gi­nal AW recom­men­da­ti­ons from the USA:

Celeryforce® from Vimergy

The Celeryforce from Vimergy capsules – an overview

At a time when our body is con­stant­ly expo­sed to high levels of stress, it is important to pro­vi­de it with the neces­sa­ry nut­ri­ents. This is whe­re nut­ri­tio­nal sup­ple­ments come into play, such as Vimergy’s Cele­ry­Force® cap­su­les, which pro­vi­de a wealth of vit­amins, mine­rals and essen­ti­al ami­no acids.

Does Celeryforce deserve a spot on my shopping list?

Sup­ple­ments like Cele­ry­Force Vimer­gy cap­su­les have many bene­fits. They are an easy way to get addi­tio­nal nut­ri­ents and can be con­ve­ni­ent­ly orde­red online, for exam­p­le from a mail order phar­ma­cy. But are they worth buying?

The advantages

Vimergy’s cap­su­les offer many bene­fits, start­ing with the fact that they come in a con­ve­ni­ent vege­ta­ri­an cap­su­le. They also con­tain a mix­tu­re of magne­si­um gly­ci­na­te, L‑taurine and cho­li­ne, which ensu­re a healt­hy meta­bo­lism, nor­mal mus­cle func­tion and nor­mal men­tal activity.

The practicality

Using the cap­su­les is also easy. They are “slee­ved,” mea­ning they can be easi­ly swal­lo­wed. They can also be easi­ly inte­gra­ted into your dai­ly rou­ti­ne and offer a simp­le addi­ti­on to a varied and healt­hy lifestyle.

What can Celeryforce do for my health?

The Cele­ry­Force cap­su­les are more than just a simp­le sup­ple­ment. They offer a ran­ge of health bene­fits ran­ging from impro­ved diges­ti­on to bet­ter concentration.

The active ingredients

The acti­ve ingre­di­ents in the cap­su­les are diver­se and careful­ly sel­ec­ted. The­se include cho­li­ne, which helps main­tain nor­mal liver func­tion, and ino­si­tol, a com­po­nent of the mix­tu­re, should be taken within the recom­men­ded dai­ly inta­ke as it is an important nut­ri­ent for the brain. The cap­su­les also con­tain L‑glutamine, an ami­no acid that is wide­ly dis­tri­bu­ted in the body and has many func­tions, inclu­ding sup­port­ing the immu­ne system.

This is how the nutrients affect the body

The nut­ri­ents have a syn­er­gi­stic effect on the body. They help sup­port the nor­mal func­tion of cells and pro­tect the body from oxi­da­tive stress. They also sup­port a healt­hy ner­vous sys­tem and con­tri­bu­te to nor­mal cogni­ti­ve function.

The Health Benefits of Celery Juice

Drin­king cele­ry juice offers many health bene­fits. It is rich in vit­amins and mine­rals and pro­vi­des a natu­ral source of anti­oxi­dants. It can also help deto­xi­fy the body, aid diges­ti­on and increase energy.

What are the nutritional values of Celeryforce?

Despi­te the bene­fits that Cele­ry­Force cap­su­les offer, it is important to note that die­ta­ry sup­ple­ments are not a sub­sti­tu­te for a balan­ced and healt­hy diet. They should be seen as a com­ple­ment to a healt­hy life­style and not as the sole method of obtai­ning nutrients.

Other Vimergy products and their benefits

Vimer­gy offers a ran­ge of other pro­ducts that also con­tain valuable nut­ri­ents. The­se include pro­ducts with tau­ri­ne, an ami­no acid that sup­ports the ner­vous sys­tem and con­tri­bu­tes to heart health.

Replenishing nutrients through a balanced diet

So, alt­hough the cap­su­les can be a hel­pful sup­ple­ment, it is still important to main­tain a balan­ced diet. A diet rich in fruits, vege­ta­bles, who­le grains, lean pro­te­ins and healt­hy fats can pro­vi­de us with most of the nut­ri­ents we need and should not exceed the recom­men­ded dai­ly intake.

A healthy diet is not a substitute for nutritional supplements and vice versa

It is important to under­stand that a healt­hy diet and sup­ple­ments should go hand in hand, but sup­ple­ments do not replace a balan­ced diet. While a healt­hy diet pro­vi­des us with most of the nut­ri­ents we need, NEM like Cele­ry­Force cap­su­les can help fill any gaps and take our health to the next level.

Cele­ry­force® is a mix­tu­re of vit­amins, mine­rals and ami­no acids.

What is the scope of Celeryforce®?

It helps main­tain nor­mal func­tio­ning of the ner­vous sys­tem and mus­cles. In addi­ti­on, it impro­ves cel­lu­lar func­tion, immu­ne sys­tem and car­dio­vas­cu­lar health.

Cele­ry­force® pro­vi­des an easy way to absorb the essen­ti­al vit­amins, mine­rals and ami­no acids nee­ded by many vital are­as of the body to func­tion smoothly.

Is Celeryforce a substitute for celery juice?

Cele­ry­force® does not replace cele­ry juice and does not con­tain cele­ry its­elf. It enhan­ces the heal­ing pro­per­ties of cele­ry juice as both enhan­ce each other. Cele­ry­force is a nut­ri­tio­nal sup­ple­ment and the mix­tu­re it con­ta­ins should be seen as a sup­ple­ment to a balan­ced diet.

Can you take Celeryforce® at the same time as celery juice?

No, cele­ry juice must always be drunk sepa­ra­te­ly so that it can deve­lop its bene­fi­ci­al effects. Vimer­gy Cele­ry­force® is ide­al­ly taken 30 minu­tes befo­re or after Sesa. If this time inter­val from cele­ry is not pos­si­ble in the mor­ning, then it still has a good effect in the after­noon, as the sodium clus­ter salts in sesa are still acti­ve then.

It helps in the for­ma­ti­on of healt­hy neu­ro­trans­mit­ter signals, healt­hy mus­cle func­tions, healt­hy ner­ve trans­mis­si­on and even healt­hy cel­lu­lar functions.


  • Magne­si­um glycinate
  • Ino­si­tol
  • L‑glutamine
  • L‑taurine
  • Cho­li­ne
  • Cel­lu­lo­se filler
  • Cap­su­le shell vege­ta­ri­an cap­su­le (cel­lu­lo­se, water)
  • Emul­si­fier leci­thin (sun­flower)

Addi­tio­nal Information:

  • Cho­li­ne is a mem­ber of the B vit­amin fami­ly that sup­ports cell health and is part of the Cele­ry­force® blend, which should be kept out of the reach of small children.
  • Cho­li­ne is essen­ti­al for the pro­duc­tion of the neu­ro­trans­mit­ter acetylcholine
  • Cho­li­ne helps with healt­hy ner­ve trans­mis­si­on and is essen­ti­al for lipid trans­port and metabolism
  • Ino­si­tol pro­mo­tes healt­hy cell func­tion, but should be taken in com­bi­na­ti­on with a varied and balan­ced diet and a healt­hy lifestyle.
  • Ino­si­tol is essen­ti­al for healt­hy neu­ro­trans­mit­ter signaling
  • Magne­si­um is an important cofac­tor for over 300 enzy­me sys­tems. Magne­si­um is essen­ti­al for mito­chon­dri­al func­tion and for DNA and RNA synthesis
  • Magne­si­um is cru­cial for the acti­va­ti­on of ade­ny­la­te cycla­se, which is an important regu­la­tor of cel­lu­lar acti­vi­ty and is essen­ti­al for healt­hy mus­cle function
  • L‑Glutamine streng­thens the func­tion of a healt­hy immu­ne system
  • L‑Taurine is important for cel­lu­lar health and also sup­ports car­dio­vas­cu­lar health
  • This is not cele­ry juice pow­der and can­not replace dai­ly sesa
  • Non-GMO, Glu­ten Free, Kos­her, Corn Free, Soy Free, Vegan, Paleo
  • No citric acid and no gelatin


Accor­ding to packa­ge direc­tions, take at any time of the day or at least 30 minu­tes befo­re or after drin­king cele­ry juice.

A noti­ce:
The recom­men­ded dai­ly dose should not be excee­ded. Die­ta­ry sup­ple­ments should not be used as a sub­sti­tu­te for a varied diet. A balan­ced diet and a healt­hy life­style are important, and NEM such as Cele­ry­force® blend can play a sup­port­ing role, but should not be used as a repla­ce­ment. Keep out of the reach of children.