All Vimer­gy sup­ple­ments at a glance:

All Vimer­gy sup­ple­ments at a glance:

main courses

Red lentil and pointed cabbage pan
Red len­til and poin­ted cab­ba­ge pan 

This hear­ty red len­til and poin­ted cab­ba­ge pan is per­fect for a quick, healt­hy and deli­cious meal! The coco­nut milk makes the dish beau­tiful­ly cre­a­my and the gra­ted gin­ger gives it a fla­vorful, fresh note.

Cha­na Masala 

Immer­se yours­elf in the world of Indi­an cui­sine and be sure to try this deli­cious Cha­na Masa­la! The mix­tu­re of exo­tic spi­ces and ten­der chick­peas is sim­ply irre­sis­ti­ble – the per­fect com­fort food – and quick to make!

Vegan lentil omelette on a white plate
Vegan len­til omelette 

This vegan len­til ome­lette is quick to make and has a wide varie­ty of varia­ti­ons. By choo­sing the vege­ta­bles, you can easi­ly crea­te new pos­si­bi­li­ties. Ins­tead of len­til flour, chick­pea flour also works very well. 

Plate with Asian potato pan
Asi­an pota­to stir-fry 

A small, fine dish that is quick to prepa­re and who­se charm lies par­ti­cu­lar­ly in the shii­ta­ke mush­rooms. This pota­to pan tas­tes very har­mo­nious becau­se the slight spi­ci­ness balan­ces out well with the sweet­ness of the sugar snap peas. 

Chick­pea broc­co­li nuggets 

Cris­py on the out­side and soft on the insi­de, the­se deli­cious nug­gets are pre­pared eit­her in the oven or in the hot air fry­er. This fin­ger food is also very popu­lar with many child­ren and tas­tes just as good with cauliflower. 

Casserole dish with potato moussaka
Pota­to moussaka 

A hear­ty, fil­ling and soot­hing dish that can be per­fect­ly com­ple­men­ted by a green salad. It also works well if the­re are pota­toes left over from the day before. 

Japchaae on a blue plate

Sweet pota­to glass nood­les give this quick, Asi­an dish its spe­cial touch. Pre­pared with litt­le effort, jap­chae brings varie­ty to the fat-free diet and tas­tes fantastic.

Cannelloni on white plate

The Ita­li­an clas­sic can­nel­lo­ni in a fat, grain and dairy-free ver­si­on is a tasty alter­na­ti­ve to the ori­gi­nal. Zuc­chi­ni replaces the nood­les, they are fil­led with ‘pota­to cheese’ and ser­ved in a spi­cy toma­to sau­ce. Delicate! 

Bowl of butternut potato hash
But­ter­nut pota­to hash 

This dish offers a dou­ble pack of glu­co­se through the use of pota­toes and pump­kin, sea­so­ned with thy­me, rose­ma­ry, gar­lic and papri­ka pow­der. An uncom­pli­ca­ted ever­y­day dish that can be pre­pared quickly. 

Plate of baked sweet potatoes
Twice baked sweet potatoes 

Baked sweet pota­toes are tos­sed with home­ma­de cas­hew cream and rai­sins, top­ped with rose­ma­ry pecan streu­sel, and baked for a few more minu­tes until the nut streu­sel is gol­den brown! 

Baking dish with ratatouille

A very colorful dish that com­bi­nes colorful vege­ta­bles such as zuc­chi­ni, egg­plant and pep­pers with a spi­cy toma­to sau­ce. It can also be ser­ved with eit­her qui­noa or mil­let, which makes it even more filling. 

Plate of spaghetti carbonara
Spa­ghet­ti carbonara 

This rice spa­ghet­ti in a cre­a­my pota­to and cau­li­flower sau­ce is per­fect for fans of pas­ta dis­hes. The spi­cy egg­plant strips replace the bacon from the original. 

Pan­ca­kes with spring onions 

Stea­m­ed pota­toes are the basis for the savo­ry pan­ca­kes and cas­sa­va flour is the glu­ten-free bin­ding agent. The spi­cy flat­breads are com­ple­men­ted by a par­ti­cu­lar­ly deli­cious dip based on map­le syrup and lemon juice, which gets its fiery spi­ci­ness from chi­li and gar­lic powder. 

Stirred chickpea puree on a plate
Stir-fried chick­pea puree 

Chick­pea flour is the basis for the­se vegan scram­bled eggs. The reci­pe is quick to make and is sur­pri­sin­gly jui­cy thanks to the addi­ti­on of toma­toes, pep­pers and oni­ons. Varia­ti­ons on the basic reci­pe with, for exam­p­le, mush­rooms or broc­co­li bring addi­tio­nal variety. 

Stea­m­ed cab­ba­ge rolls 

In this reci­pe, cab­ba­ge rolls with a fat-free fil­ling of mush­rooms, pota­toes, cau­li­flower, pep­pers and snow peas are ser­ved with a spi­cy sau­ce. Ide­al on cool days and visual­ly some­thing very special. 

Mushroom and potato wraps on lettuce leaves
Mush­room and pota­to wraps 

Spi­cy, sea­so­ned, fried mush­rooms make the­se irre­sis­ti­ble pota­to dough wraps so appe­al­ing. The deli­cious, thin­ly baked wraps are packed with healt­hy herbs and spices. 

Plate of curried cauliflower and peas
Cur­ry cau­li­flower with peas 

For this tasty and quick dish, the cau­li­flower and green peas are first stea­m­ed. Sea­so­ned with cur­ry, turm­e­ric, gar­lic, gin­ger and cumin, the vege­ta­bles then get their spe­cial fla­vor by fur­ther steam­ing them in the pan. 

Bana­na pancakes 

The­se seduc­tively scen­ted, sweet pan­ca­kes not only make children’s hearts beat fas­ter. Pre­pa­ring the dough in the mixer is quick and uncom­pli­ca­ted. The fluffy tre­at tas­tes gre­at both as a main meal and as a dessert. 

Plate of spicy potatoes with cucumber in tomato-mustard sauce
Spi­cy pota­toes with cucum­ber in toma­to-mus­tard sauce 

If you’­re in a hur­ry, then this spi­cy pota­to spe­cial­ty is a good choice. Spi­cy and with a frui­ty-spi­cy note, the dish is also inex­pen­si­ve and par­ti­cu­lar­ly sui­ta­ble for sum­mer, when toma­toes and cucum­bers are in peak season. 

Bowl of baked tomato soup
Baked toma­to soup with pota­to croutons 

This easy to prepa­re baked toma­to soup is a tru­ly deli­cious tre­at thanks to the heat of the chi­li, the sweet­ness of the honey and the spi­ce of the gar­lic. The cris­py pota­to crou­tons trans­form the soup into a full-fled­ged main course.

Plate of garam masala potatoes
Garam masa­la potatoes 

The Indi­an spi­ce mix­tu­re garam masa­la gives this pota­to pan its spi­cy-sweet tas­te. The dish is easy to cook, inex­pen­si­ve and can easi­ly be sup­ple­men­ted with other vege­ta­bles, such as: E.g. leek and broccoli.

Herb pota­to spirals 

This reci­pe pres­ents pota­toes in a com­ple­te­ly dif­fe­rent way. The cris­py pota­to spi­rals tas­te won­derful­ly spi­cy and, tog­e­ther with the cas­hew herb dip, are a deli­cious way to enjoy the valuable pro­per­ties of the pota­toes in a varied way.

Shepherd’s pie with lentils 

This hear­ty len­til cas­se­ro­le is a won­derful main meal for the who­le fami­ly. As an alter­na­ti­ve to len­tils, it can also be pre­pared with mush­rooms, which shor­tens the pre­pa­ra­ti­on time. 

Rösti omelet with rocket
Hash brown omelette 

This tasty ome­let is per­fect for a hear­ty break­fast, brunch or com­bi­ned with a green salad for a deli­cious din­ner. As a fat-free varia­ti­on, you can also lea­ve out the avo­ca­do; the rös­ti still tas­tes very good wit­hout it. 

Quiche dish with potato and cherry tomato casserole
Pota­to and cher­ry toma­to casserole 

This cas­se­ro­le is a gre­at alter­na­ti­ve to simp­le mas­hed pota­toes and a real eye-cat­cher. It goes well as a side dish to a fes­ti­ve meal, but it can also be enjoy­ed as a meal on its own. 

Kaiserschmarrn with applesauce
Glu­ten-free Kaiserschmarrn 

In this reci­pe, the Aus­tri­an Kai­ser­schmarrn is available in a glu­ten- and dairy-free ver­si­on. Just the thing when the cra­ving for com­fort­ing sweets takes over and you need some­thing baked quickly. 

Plate of black bean chili
Black bean chili 

A hear­ty, very fil­ling black bean chi­li, which can also be pre­pared in dou­ble quan­ti­ties becau­se it tas­tes at least as good the next day. It can easi­ly be eaten as a fat-free ver­si­on by omit­ting the avocado. 

Plate of falafel waffles
Fal­a­fel waffles 

For fans of ori­en­tal fal­a­fel, the­se waf­f­les are a real tre­at. The­re is no deep-fry­ing in oil; ins­tead, the dough is fried fat-free in a non-stick cera­mic waff­le iron, ser­ved with a deli­cious cau­li­flower sauce. 

Dutch pea soup 

This inex­pen­si­ve, fil­ling and deli­cious stew is just right for cold days. It’s best to prepa­re a dou­ble batch, as lef­to­vers from the day befo­re tas­te even bet­ter becau­se the aro­ma of the peas and vege­ta­bles still lingers. 

Portion of Sticky Sesame Cauliflower
Sti­cky Sesa­me Cauliflower 

This dish thri­ves on the attrac­ti­ve con­trast of the cau­li­flower baked in bat­ter with the sweet-sour-spi­cy sau­ce. We were ama­zed at how tasty the­se deli­cious bites were, so we defi­ni­te­ly recom­mend them. 

Portion of Dürüm with cashew cream
Dürüm with cas­hew cream 

Fil­led dough rolls with a deli­cious cas­hew cream and fresh vege­ta­bles make this reci­pe a high­light. The­re are no limits to your crea­ti­vi­ty and you can modi­fy the fil­ling as desi­red to suit your own taste. 

Fil­led pota­to dum­plings with mush­room sauce 

In this dish, pota­to dum­plings fil­led with chest­nuts are com­bi­ned with the spi­cy mush­room sau­ce. This makes a temp­ting deli­ca­cy for the cold sea­son that is both very fil­ling and plea­sant­ly warming. 

Coco­nut curry 

Coco­nut has an anti­pa­tho­ge­nic effect due to its lau­ric acid con­tent in con­junc­tion with other anti­oxi­dants it con­ta­ins. In addi­ti­on, the medi­um-chain fat­ty acids in coco­nut dis­sol­ve other fats and help remo­ve them from the body. 

Brussels sprout goulash 

This fat-free, vegan goulash is packed with nut­ri­ents. Brussels sprouts are a high­ly nut­ri­tious vege­ta­ble rich in anti­oxi­dants, phy­to­nu­tri­ents, vit­amins C, A and E, and alka­li­zing mine­rals such as cal­ci­um, iron and manganese.

Rice pan with no egg
Fried rice with “egg”

Lovers of the tas­te of egg will get their money’s worth here as kala namak or black salt imi­ta­tes the tas­te well. A simp­le and fil­ling dish that can be easi­ly pre­pared with lef­to­ver rice.

Spi­cy pas­ta salad “Mayo style” 

Deli­cious rice nood­les make this savo­ry pas­ta salad an irre­sis­ti­ble tre­at, making it the per­fect salad for a sum­mer par­ty. The pick­le sub­sti­tu­te made in-house is also clever. 

Red lentil tortillas according to Anthony William
Red len­til tortillas 

Made with just a few ingre­di­ents, the­se red len­til tor­til­las are a fan­ta­stic meal for the who­le fami­ly. The choice of fil­lings are num­e­rous, such as fresh sal­sa, salad, sau­té­ed vege­ta­bles, avo­ca­do, hum­mus, len­tils or roas­ted vegetables.

Len­til and vege­ta­ble bread 

Hear­ty and jui­cy in tas­te, this dish is sui­ta­ble as a fil­ling lunch or evening meal. A very good addi­ti­on is a fresh, colorful salad or any kind of vege­ta­ble side dish. 

Chickpeas in tomato sauce
Chick­peas with fiery spiciness 

This dish is a deli­cious stew that will defi­ni­te­ly find many fans thanks to its simp­le, quick pre­pa­ra­ti­on and the ingre­di­ents that store well. 

Bean balls on rice spaghetti 

Hear­ty balls of black beans in a spi­cy toma­to sau­ce on rice spa­ghet­ti are also enjoy­ed by guests and fami­ly mem­bers. The balls are also very tasty with mil­let or rice and can also be eaten cold at a picnic.