Ori­gi­nal AW recom­men­da­ti­ons from the USA:

Ori­gi­nal AW recom­men­da­ti­ons from the USA:

Liquid B12 from Vimergy

This vit­amin is essen­ti­al for life and the body urgen­tly needs it for a varie­ty of func­tions, such as: B. ener­gy pro­duc­tion from car­bo­hy­dra­tes, fats and pro­te­ins. Vit­amin B12 from Vimer­gy® is a uni­que blend of methyl­co­ba­la­min and ade­no­syl­co­ba­la­min, both of which are high­ly absor­ba­ble. The sweet, mild tas­te is also well recei­ved by most children.

Vimer­gy Vit­amin B12 also plays a very important role in main­tai­ning the health of the ner­vous sys­tem. The body reli­es on B12 for tens of thou­sands of dai­ly func­tions. For exam­p­le, this par­ti­cu­lar type of B12 con­ta­ins elec­tro­lytes that help coun­ter­act the storm that occurs in the brain when someone has a con­di­ti­on that affects the brain or is under stress. The right B12 streng­thens men­tal­ly and emotionally.

B12 is also essen­ti­al for the for­ma­ti­on of red blood cells and for nor­mal, healt­hy meta­bo­lic function.

B12 is cri­ti­cal to the body’s abili­ty to methy­la­te many other nut­ri­ents. The liver urgen­tly needs this B vit­amin and stores lar­ge amounts of it, which it con­ti­nuous­ly absorbs as part of regu­lar organ function.

Features of Vimergy Liquid B12

Vit­amin B12 is high­ly important for all over 2,000 che­mi­cal func­tions of the liver and for acti­vat­ing the liver’s abili­ty to use, pro­cess and dis­tri­bu­te all other vit­amins and mine­rals stored in it.

  • A blend of methyl­co­ba­l­al­mi­ne and ade­no­syl­co­ba­la­min – two very bio­available and important forms of B12
  • B12 is essen­ti­al for the nor­mal func­tio­ning of the ner­vous system
  • It is important for healt­hy meta­bo­lic function
  • It is important for obtai­ning ener­gy from car­bo­hy­dra­tes, fats and proteins
  • B12 is essen­ti­al for the pro­duc­tion of red blood cells and for DNA synthesis
  • Con­ta­ins at least 2.5 mg B12 per serving
  • Glu­ten-free, non-GMO, kos­her, corn-free, vegan and paleo-friendly
  • No citric acid or fil­lers, addi­ti­ves or natu­ral flavors

Dosa­ge: Shake well befo­re use. As a die­ta­ry sup­ple­ment, take appro­xi­m­ate­ly 1 pipet­te (1 ml) and hold under the ton­gue for 20 seconds, then swal­low. Take 1–2 times dai­ly. Take on an emp­ty stomach.

A noti­ce:
The recom­men­ded dai­ly dose should not be excee­ded. Die­ta­ry sup­ple­ments should not be used as a sub­sti­tu­te for a varied diet. A balan­ced diet and a healt­hy life­style are important. Keep out of the reach of children.