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All Vimer­gy sup­ple­ments at a glance:

All Vimer­gy sup­ple­ments at a glance:

Avocado oil

Is avo­ca­do oil a healt­hy oil? This artic­le will shed light on how healt­hy the oil real­ly is and why it’s important to dif­fe­ren­tia­te bet­ween avo­ca­do oil and who­le avocados. 
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Avocado oil is one of the healthier oils

Avo­ca­do oil is cle­ar­ly the bet­ter choice com­pared to rape­seed oil, palm oil or corn oil. Based on No-food levels you can see that the avo­ca­do oil belongs to level 5. Rape­seed oil, palm oil and corn oil, on the other hand, are alre­a­dy on level 3 of unfa­vorable foods.

Avocados and avocado oil are not the same

Oils (e.g. avo­ca­do oil, wal­nut oil) are used dif­fer­ent­ly by our body than who­le foods (e.g. avo­ca­dos, wal­nuts). Once oil enters the sto­mach, it moves extre­me­ly quick­ly towards the small intesti­nal tract, much fas­ter than if it were a who­le nut or an avo­ca­do. Fats from who­le foods also enter the liver via the hepa­tic por­ta, whe­re they are fur­ther pro­ces­sed and released into the blood at a safe rate so that the heart is not over­whel­med by the high blood fat con­tent. Oils com­ple­te­ly bypass this pro­cess in the liver and enter the blood direct­ly via the small intestine.

This cau­ses blood lipid levels to increase rapidly and this leads to the blood thi­c­ke­ning, the oxy­gen con­tent in the blood decre­asing, toxins beco­ming trap­ped and poi­sons and toxins no lon­ger being able to be excre­ted. A lot of oil at once poses a gre­at dan­ger to the heart. The­r­e­fo­re, the adre­nal glands are forced to pro­du­ce adre­na­line as a blood thin­ner, which in turn wea­k­ens the adre­nal glands in the long term (Cle­an­se to Heal (p.82). Kind­le version).


When­ever pos­si­ble, try to use water ins­tead of oil when coo­king. If you can’t do wit­hout oils com­ple­te­ly, avo­ca­do oil is a good choice. May­be you can replace the avo­ca­do oil with a who­le avo­ca­do every now and then. The fat in the who­le avo­ca­do is signi­fi­cant­ly healt­hi­er and, as it takes lon­ger to digest and be pro­ces­sed by the liver, has a much less stressful effect on your sys­tem. You can find one here Reci­pe idea with a who­le avocado.

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