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Mega Health Days: Until April 24th 5 % dis­count with cou­pon code: HEALTH5

Maybe it’s not supplement sensitivity!

Do you feel like you don’t tole­ra­te sup­ple­ments well? In many cases this assump­ti­on is unfoun­ded. This artic­le will help you clas­si­fy your sym­ptoms and show you ways to test your reac­tions to supplements. 

Let’s figu­re out tog­e­ther how to break down a sym­ptom and how it may or may not be rela­ted to a sup­ple­ment or what you ate that day or week!

The­re are so many exte­nua­ting cir­cum­s­tances that come into play when a reac­tion occurs. Often we tend to place bla­me on the easie­st cul­prit wit­hout dig­ging a litt­le deeper and asking cri­ti­cal ques­ti­ons to get to the true cau­se of the reaction.

Often peo­p­le cla­im they are having a reac­tion to sup­ple­ments when in rea­li­ty they are not the cau­se of the reac­tion. In fact, it is quite rare for sup­ple­ments to cau­se a reac­tion.
Now let’s dig a litt­le deeper and find out if you’­re real­ly sen­si­ti­ve to supplements.

Symptom versus sensitivity?

When is it a sym­ptom and when is it a sen­si­ti­vi­ty? The­re are peo­p­le who say that they react to every food they eat. Howe­ver, if they have the­se sym­ptoms even when they don’t eat, then it’s not food sen­si­ti­vi­ty.
Does this app­ly to you? In this case, the­se are sim­ply the sym­ptoms you are strugg­ling with, and you will have the­se sym­ptoms no mat­ter what you do in life or what you eat until you take the right steps to stop them long enough to heal. Food and che­mi­cal sen­si­ti­vi­ties take lon­ger to heal.

Examples of food or chemical sensitivity

  • You have to heal for years befo­re you can go raw, or years befo­re you can go fat-free.
  • You can ONLY take sup­ple­ments in small doses, but can tole­ra­te a varie­ty of sup­ple­ments (che­mi­cal sensitive)
  • You can only tole­ra­te 2 – 4 nut­ri­tio­nal sup­ple­ments in low doses (che­mi­cal sensitive)
  • You are all­er­gic to cer­tain foods (this is dif­fe­rent than a sensitivity)
  • You have ANY che­mi­cal sen­si­ti­vi­ties: gaso­li­ne, mold, fra­gran­ces, petro­che­mi­cals, smo­ke, etc.

Do you also react to things other than supplements?

Are you ONLY sen­si­ti­ve to sup­ple­ments, or are you also sen­si­ti­ve to cer­tain foods, che­mi­cals, pesti­ci­des, fra­gran­ces, pol­len, rag­weed, etc.?
If you are sen­si­ti­ve to any­thing other than sup­ple­ments, it is high­ly unli­kely that you are sen­si­ti­ve to sup­ple­ments. You’­re pro­ba­b­ly deal­ing with a food or che­mi­cal sen­si­ti­vi­ty, which is very com­mon. This comes from an over­work­ed liver that is full of toxins. In such cases, the pro­blem of the over­loa­ded liver must be spe­ci­fi­cal­ly addres­sed. Die­ta­ry sup­ple­ments can be very hel­pful in such a case, as long as they are real­ly clean and can get to the root cau­se of the over­loa­ded liver.
Addi­tio­nal­ly, peo­p­le with the­se sen­si­ti­vi­ties do much bet­ter with fewer sup­ple­ments.
If you are inde­ed food and che­mi­cal sen­si­ti­ve, you need to slow down not only with sup­ple­ments but also with heal­ing foods.

When do the symptoms appear?

Do the sym­ptoms that appear when you “react” to sup­ple­ments also occur at other times in your life? When do the sym­ptoms appear?
If the same sym­ptoms have occur­red at ano­ther time in your life when you weren’t taking sup­ple­ments or weren’t taking the sup­ple­ments you thought you were taking, then it’s high­ly unli­kely that what you’­re expe­ri­en­cing is due to a sen­si­ti­vi­ty to sup­ple­ments.
It’s important to be a good detec­ti­ve on this topic becau­se sup­ple­ments are so hel­pful in mana­ging your health and your viral sym­ptoms. You should­n’t fal­se­ly con­vin­ce yours­elf that you’­re sen­si­ti­ve to sup­ple­ments and stop taking sup­ple­ments when they could actual­ly be the ans­wer you need to advan­ce your health. It’s not about igno­ring the sym­ptoms you’­re expe­ri­en­cing, but rather about not asso­cia­ting your sym­ptoms with the wrong cau­se. This also does­n’t mean you should con­ti­nue taking sup­ple­ments if you don’t feel com­for­ta­ble with them. Read on and you’ll learn how to mana­ge your symptoms.

The brand of nutritional supplements

What brand of sup­ple­ments are you taking that you feel is caus­ing a reac­tion? Is this the case? recom­men­ded brands from his list of nut­ri­tio­nal sup­ple­ments?
If you real­ly have a reac­tion to a sup­ple­ment, the reac­tion often comes from other ingre­di­ents in the sup­ple­ment rather than the actu­al herb its­elf. Take a clo­se look at the other ingre­di­ents in your sup­ple­ment – for exam­p­le, look for alco­hol, stea­ra­tes, mal­to­dex­trin, and GMO fil­lers.
It’s important to know what’s in your sup­ple­ments and whe­re they come from.

How much of a dietary supplement do you take?

At what dosa­ge do you take the die­ta­ry sup­ple­ments in ques­ti­on? Once you’­ve made sure you’­re taking pure sup­ple­ments, have you con­side­red that you might be taking too much of a sup­ple­ment?
The next step is to redu­ce the­se sup­ple­ments to a tiny amount and test if sym­ptoms are still pre­sent. You may be asso­cia­ting a sym­ptom with a sup­ple­ment when the­re is actual­ly no connection.

How do you cut back on supplements to test your reactions?

If you take a cap­su­le, you can open the cap­su­le and take just a pinch of the pow­der in the cap­su­le.
If you’­re taking tinc­tures or liquid sup­ple­ments, redu­ce them to drops, and if you’­re ner­vous about drops, you can add one drop to about 60 mil­li­li­ters of water and take a small sip. This way you only get a frac­tion of a drop. This method can bring gre­at suc­cess to sen­si­ti­ve people.

Don’t worry if you’­re sen­si­ti­ve to foods or che­mi­cals. You can still heal with lower doses of sup­ple­ments, as many do.
Even if you’­re start­ing out with food and che­mi­cal sen­si­ti­vi­ties and need to take it slow­ly, being able to take more sup­ple­ments over time is a sign of heal­ing.
So don’t give up – keep at it! Many peo­p­le who were initi­al­ly unable to take avera­ge dosa­ges slow­ly build up and may even exceed the recom­men­ded avera­ge dosa­ges as they heal.

Trigger exposure

Have you been expo­sed to a trig­ger recent­ly? If so, what are the­se trig­gers? The trig­gers don’t neces­s­a­ri­ly have to occur on the day/week/month that you react. A trig­ger may have occur­red a long time ago. For exam­p­le, if someone has gone through a dif­fi­cult emo­tio­nal peri­od or an exten­ded peri­od of addi­tio­nal stress, the sym­ptom or con­di­ti­on may not mani­fest until months or even a year later.

Connecting things that are not connected

As humans, we often make con­nec­tions bet­ween the foods we eat, the sup­ple­ments we take, or the things we do in life. It’s hard to remem­ber that when it comes to heal­ing chro­nic ill­nesses, the con­nec­tions are not always imme­dia­te. Just becau­se someone took a sup­ple­ment and expe­ri­en­ced a sym­ptom does­n’t neces­s­a­ri­ly mean it has to do with that sup­ple­ment. More likely, the con­nec­tion is to the foods that were eaten, the che­mi­cals someone came into cont­act with, or some other trou­ble­ma­ker in the liver that can trig­ger such sen­si­ti­vi­ties.
It is so much easier for us to see imme­dia­te con­nec­tions, but with chro­nic ill­ness the con­nec­tions are less obvious and much more nuan­ced. Don’t jump to con­clu­si­ons and remem­ber that the right sup­ple­ments are incre­di­bly bene­fi­ci­al. Also remem­ber that when a sym­ptom occurs, it is often the liver’s last straw and not what you ate or inge­sted at the moment.


The key takea­way is that you need to pay atten­ti­on to the nuan­ces. The worst thing you can do is auto­ma­ti­cal­ly bla­me one of the most important ele­ments of heal­ing – pure and clean sup­ple­ments.
When you under­stand what’s real­ly going on in your body, you’ll have a bet­ter sen­se of what’s actual­ly caus­ing your reac­tions. For a deeper under­stan­ding of the cau­ses, visit Munee­za Ahmeds Mas­ter­class Under­stan­ding The Root Cau­ses Of Chro­nic Ill­ness. No mat­ter what sym­ptoms you have, in this cour­se you’ll learn what’s caus­ing them.
The topic can be con­fu­sing, but at the same time very hel­pful when we under­stand the power of sup­ple­ments used correctly.

Source: Munee­za Ahmed

Ger­man trans­la­ti­on: Sabi­ne Menzel

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Sabi­ne Menzel 
Sabi­ne Men­zel has been con­cer­ned with the topic of health for more than 13 years. While sear­ching for ans­wers to her own chro­nic sym­ptoms, she came across the solu­ti­on 4 years ago. Pas­sing on the know­ledge of our favo­ri­te aut­hor and hel­ping peo­p­le on their path is a mat­ter clo­se to her heart. 
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