Ori­gi­nal AW recom­men­da­ti­ons from the USA:

Ori­gi­nal AW recom­men­da­ti­ons from the USA:


May­be it’s not sup­ple­ment sensitivity! 

Do you feel like you don’t tole­ra­te sup­ple­ments well? In many cases this assump­ti­on is unfoun­ded. This artic­le will help you clas­si­fy your sym­ptoms and show you ways to test your reac­tions to supplements. 

Does your ill­ness make you angry? 

If chro­nic ill­ness has been bothe­ring you for a long time, then it’s under­stan­da­ble if you’­re angry about it. Read in this artic­le how you can pre­vent this anger from aggravating your ill­ness through its toxi­ci­ty and how you can also chan­nel its power into posi­ti­ve channels. 

7 keys to the power of the sum­mer sun 

The sun is a powerful hea­ler if we know how to use its power cor­rect­ly. In this artic­le, find out what bene­fits you can deri­ve from the power of the sun and how you can pro­tect yours­elf from excess. 

Crying and the adre­nal glands 

“Crying is a way to free our­sel­ves from stuck emo­ti­ons.” “Crying helps us to final­ly let go of old trau­mas.” In this artic­le you will find out why peo­p­le (espe­ci­al­ly chro­ni­cal­ly ill peo­p­le) are set back by the con­stant release of adre­na­line and it is pre­cis­e­ly such beliefs that can be a hin­drance to healing.