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Ori­gi­nal recom­men­da­ti­ons from the USA:

Understanding the symptom-poison relationship

What is real­ly going on in our bodies when we are deal­ing with chro­nic ill­ness sym­ptoms? In this artic­le you will learn more about the rela­ti­onship bet­ween toxins and dise­a­se symptoms. 

Chro­nic ill­ness sym­ptoms are incre­di­bly frus­t­ra­ting – and heal­ing from the­se sym­ptoms does­n’t always hap­pen as quick­ly as we would like. So what is real­ly going on in our bodies when we are deal­ing with chro­nic ill­ness sym­ptoms? Let’s take a look at the rela­ti­onship bet­ween sym­ptom and poison.

The relationship between symptom and poison

We know that chro­nic dise­a­se sym­ptoms are cau­sed by a com­bi­na­ti­on of virus plus toxin/poison expo­sure. If we all have viru­s­es and toxins/poisons in our bodies, why do some peo­p­le show chro­nic dise­a­se sym­ptoms and others not?

It is important to reco­gni­ze that every per­son has a dif­fe­rent amount of toxins in their body. If you have few toxins, you have no sym­ptoms. Even if the toxins increase, you still have no symptoms.

When do the symptoms appear?

You only have sym­ptoms when your liver alarm goes off. When your liver is so full of poi­sons and toxins that it is no lon­ger able to safe­ly store them and effec­tively remo­ve them from your body.

As your toxin levels con­ti­nue to increase, you will expe­ri­ence more and more sym­ptoms. The­se sym­ptoms are your body’s way of aler­ting you to a pro­blem. They are your inner alarm that forces you to pay atten­ti­on and make a change.

Why don’t my symptoms go away immediately when I start applying the information?

As you app­ly the infor­ma­ti­on and begin deto­xi­fi­ca­ti­on and heal­ing, you will not neces­s­a­ri­ly expe­ri­ence imme­dia­te sym­ptom reli­ef. Becau­se at the point whe­re your body starts show­ing sym­ptoms, you alre­a­dy have very high toxin/poison levels. To reli­e­ve the­se sym­ptoms, you need to lower your toxin levels enough for your liver to func­tion pro­per­ly again. You must reach a point in your heal­ing whe­re you have begun to cle­an­se your liver of the over­load of toxins.

When will I be symptom-free?

When you final­ly get to the point whe­re you are clea­ring some of the toxic load from your liver, you will see your sym­ptoms slow­ly dis­ap­pear. When the poi­son con­cen­tra­ti­on is low enough and the liver alarm no lon­ger goes off, you will feel better.

Stay in the knowledge that you are healing

As you begin to app­ly the infor­ma­ti­on, try not to get frus­tra­ted and think that the cle­an­se you are doing and the healt­hy life­style is not working. It works, you just have a lot of toxins to detox. Over time, you will noti­ce a decrease in sym­ptoms, and this will encou­ra­ge you to deepen the detox.

When the first sym­ptoms dis­ap­pear, you will feel moti­va­ted to keep going. You can con­ti­nue to deepen your heal­ing even if you no lon­ger feel sym­ptoms. The­re is no upper limit to how deep­ly you can heal. We deal with them every day Unf­or­gi­ving Four to do, and that’s why it’s so important to live a heal­ing life­style, even if you feel symptom-free.

Should I ever stop detoxing?

When you start to get rid of your sym­ptoms, you will feel gre­at. But do you want to stay the­re? Or do you want to heal deeper? Becau­se once you get rid of the sym­ptoms, what hap­pens if you’­re expo­sed to more toxins? This will trig­ger sym­ptoms again and you will pro­ba­b­ly get an adre­na­line rush becau­se you feel frus­tra­ted that your sym­ptoms have resur­faced. The lon­ger you devo­te to heal­ing, the less likely your sym­ptoms will return, even if you are expo­sed to unfo­re­seen toxic stress.

Many peo­p­le, as they heal, focus on the fact that they won’t get bet­ter right away. Then they get emo­tio­nal and it beco­mes per­so­nal, which in turn makes them suf­fer from adre­na­line. This adre­na­line rush sets her back even further.

It’s important that peo­p­le under­stand this deep­ly – plea­se don’t take it so per­so­nal­ly when you heal. It is not your fault that you have this level of toxi­ci­ty. It is up to you how you move for­ward with your atti­tu­de towards healing.

If you stay in the mind­set of pro­gress and know that your body is heal­ing as you fol­low the infor­ma­ti­on and pro­to­cols, even if you don’t feel sym­ptom-free, then you will avo­id the adre­na­line rush that comes from taking the pro­cess per­so­nal­ly. Heal­ing is per­so­nal, but the­re is a way to step away from it and look at the pro­cess objec­tively. If you do this, it will be easier for you, you will take the bur­den of heal­ing off your should­ers and you will be able to look at the pro­cess more ana­ly­ti­cal­ly. You under­stand what is real­ly going on in your body, kno­wing full well that your body is working to heal you.

Source: Munee­za Ahmed

Ger­man trans­la­ti­on: Sabi­ne Menzel

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