Ori­gi­nal recom­men­da­ti­ons from the USA:

Ori­gi­nal recom­men­da­ti­ons from the USA:

Crying and the adrenal glands

“Crying is a way to free our­sel­ves from stuck emo­ti­ons.” “Crying helps us to final­ly let go of old trau­mas.” In this artic­le you will find out why peo­p­le (espe­ci­al­ly chro­ni­cal­ly ill peo­p­le) are set back by the con­stant release of adre­na­line and exact­ly such beliefs can be a hin­drance to healing. 

Regular crying is neither natural nor healthy

Crying is a human cry for help and shows that some­thing is wrong. For exam­p­le, if a baby is con­stant­ly crying, the par­ents know that they need to take care of the baby. Peo­p­le instinc­tively try to stop the crying and devo­te them­sel­ves to the baby’s needs. Com­pared to babies, adults have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to com­mu­ni­ca­te their needs through lan­guage, whe­re­as babies use crying as a form of com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on.
When adults cry fre­quent­ly, it indi­ca­tes an under­ly­ing pro­blem. Often this pro­blem is asso­cia­ted with PTSD (post-trau­ma­tic stress dis­or­der), depres­si­on, anxie­ty dis­or­der or addic­tion to adre­na­line. This is abso­lut­e­ly cru­cial to under­stand in order to get to the root of the pro­blem of con­stant crying. It is also important to under­stand that it is com­ple­te­ly okay to shed a tear or two. For exam­p­le, if you are deep­ly touch­ed and moved by some­thing, the­se tears are dif­fe­rent than if your eyes over­flowed with tears of sorrow.

The problem with adrenaline

The adre­nal glands in our body are respon­si­ble for pro­du­cing adre­na­line. The­re are 56 dif­fe­rent forms of adre­na­line and depen­ding on the situa­ti­on, the adre­nal glands release a dif­fe­rent form. Some forms of adre­na­line have a less cor­ro­si­ve effect on the body, but other forms (espe­ci­al­ly tho­se inten­ded to save our lives and tho­se released during dif­fi­cult expe­ri­en­ces) can be very dama­ging to us in the long term. Toxic and cor­ro­si­ve adre­na­line feeds patho­gens, dama­ging organs and glands and making it more dif­fi­cult to heal. The adre­nal glands are usual­ly alre­a­dy over­whel­med due to the stress and other envi­ron­men­tal fac­tors that are omni­pre­sent the­se days. It is the­r­e­fo­re important to pro­tect them whe­re­ver pos­si­ble and pre­vent con­stant crying.

“Isn’t that how we suppress our emotions?”

We all know that it is important not to sup­press our emo­ti­ons. The­r­e­fo­re, it is cru­cial that we beco­me awa­re of our emo­ti­ons. Tel­ling your sto­ry of suf­fe­ring to a sym­pa­the­tic lis­te­ner will cer­tain­ly help you to some ext­ent. Howe­ver, con­stant­ly fee­ling the dif­fi­cult emo­ti­ons and shed­ding tears every time is not hel­pful. Con­stant repe­ti­ti­on of trau­ma­tic expe­ri­en­ces does not help you to free yours­elf from them or to heal. Quite the oppo­si­te. Expe­ri­en­cing pain­ful expe­ri­en­ces puts your body in a sta­te as if that event was hap­pe­ning repea­ted­ly in the pre­sent moment. As a result, your body is once again floo­ded with toxic adre­na­line, which can have a signi­fi­cant impact on your heal­ing pro­cess!
Adre­na­line is also respon­si­ble for the fact that you sup­po­sedly feel bet­ter after crying. Most attri­bu­te this to let­ting go of the dif­fi­cult emo­ti­on. Howe­ver, the iro­ny is: By crying we don’t even let go of the emo­ti­on. In rea­li­ty, the adre­na­line high will make you feel tem­po­r­a­ri­ly good, but the under­ly­ing pro­blem will soon reve­al its­elf again. In addi­ti­on to the poten­ti­al­ly addic­ti­ve adre­na­line of dra­ma, thrills, or sex, you can also beco­me addic­ted to the adre­na­line of crying.

Dealing better with difficult emotions

The fol­lo­wing stra­te­gies should help you deal with emo­ti­ons wit­hout releasing cor­ro­si­ve adre­na­line. The stra­te­gies also help to heal your brain and soul, becau­se inju­ries to them are often the root cau­se of con­stant crying.


The first and most important step is to get some glu­co­se in the form of raw honey, map­le syrup, dates, bana­nas or other sweet fruits. pota­toes and espe­ci­al­ly sweet pota­toes are very hel­pful in pre­ven­ting PTSD/PTSD (Post Trau­ma­tic Stress Dis­or­der) from taking hold in your brain. Glu­co­se also helps you break the adre­na­line addic­tion cycle.

Pray the essential angels for help

  • Angel of Peace – Call on this angel to reli­e­ve men­tal stress and gain new hope and positivity.
  • Angel of grace – Call on Him in your dar­kest hour. She is the most powerful angel – even more powerful than the archangels.
  • Angel of Res­to­ra­ti­on – Com­bi­ned with moon medi­ta­ti­on, it helps to tru­ly release dif­fi­cult emo­ti­ons. It helps you reco­ver from emo­tio­nal trau­ma and resol­ve deep-sea­ted issues.
  • Angel of sal­va­ti­on – Helps sup­port you when the world has wron­gly accu­sed you. It helps free your soul from the cap­ti­vi­ty of fear and anger and the hurt of disrespect.
  • Angel of Light – Call this angel to immer­se yours­elf in the heal­ing, divi­ne light.
  • Angel of the air – If you have had an argu­ment or a frus­t­ra­ting encoun­ter, it cle­an­ses the nega­ti­vi­ty that has been trans­fer­red to you. It chan­ges your inner state.
  • Unknown angels – The­se angels have no names. The­re are 144,000 of them. They work on you while you sleep to res­to­re your body and soul. You can ask any num­ber of the­se angels to sup­port and pro­tect you.


Calming the nervous system

  • Breathing exer­cise: Inha­le as deep­ly as pos­si­ble to a count of 4, allo­wing your sto­mach to expand, and exha­le to a count of 8. This can help regu­la­te the ner­vous sys­tem quickly.
  • Mon­key gri­mace: This gri­mace con­fu­ses the ner­vous sys­tem and helps you get out of nega­ti­ve emo­ti­ons and eli­mi­na­te stressful thoughts (Munee­za demons­tra­ted this tech­ni­que in her Insta­gram Live video on Janu­ary 30th Sun­day Janu­ary 30th ).
  • Laugh: Laugh­ter is the anti­do­te to crying. It’s best to always have your fun­niest favo­ri­te clips and shows with your favo­ri­te come­di­ans in stock.
  • Spend time in natu­re: Whe­ther it’s a walk by the sea or in the forest, or tur­ning to your gar­den and wat­ching the bees, the­se are all hel­pful tech­ni­ques to calm your ner­vous system.
  • The scent of laven­der essen­ti­al oil
  • Tea made from lemon balm, lime blos­som, cha­mo­mi­le or lavender
  • Sup­ple­ments

Other gentle methods

  • Emo­ti­on and body code: This tech­ni­que can help you release unwan­ted emo­ti­ons wit­hout having to dive back into the trau­ma­tic experience.
  • “Light Heart”: Say the­se two words 7 times in a row or until your emo­tio­nal sta­te noti­ce­ab­ly chan­ges. This is a short but powerful prayer.


The toxins in our brains and the lack of suf­fi­ci­ent glu­co­se in the brain crea­te the con­di­ti­ons for us to “hold on” to trau­ma­tic expe­ri­en­ces so stron­gly and deve­lop PTSD. The same toxins and lack of glu­co­se can also cau­se other sym­ptoms such as depres­si­on, anxie­ty and panic attacks. All of the­se fac­tors can increase the ten­den­cy to cry easi­ly. In order to get the pro­blem under con­trol per­ma­nent­ly, it is essen­ti­al to heal on a phy­si­cal level and to rid the body of hea­vy metals and patho­gens and to con­su­me suf­fi­ci­ent glu­co­se. In addi­ti­on, the wounds of the soul can be hea­led with sui­ta­ble tech­ni­ques.
Once you feel agi­ta­ted, it is abso­lut­e­ly cru­cial to calm the ner­vous sys­tem and bring the body back into balan­ce. Avo­id thoughts and acti­vi­ties that cau­se more adre­na­line. Espe­ci­al­ly for tho­se suf­fe­ring from a chro­nic ill­ness, avo­i­ding adre­na­line trig­gers is incre­di­bly important for long-term healing. 

It is enti­re­ly pos­si­ble to lea­ve behind any form of PTSD, anxie­ty, depres­si­on, OCD, panic attacks, and con­stant crying and live a nor­mal life, free from dif­fi­cult emotions.

Source: Munee­za Ahmed

(Note from Team Cele­ry Juice: Munee­za Ahmed is pro­ba­b­ly the best-known prac­ti­tio­ner in Ame­ri­ca, who was a cli­ent of our favo­ri­te aut­hor for seve­ral years in con­nec­tion with her own serious ill­ness and who has been very suc­cessful in advi­sing peo­p­le around the world accor­ding to his tea­chings. She gives high­ly recom­men­ded online cour­ses and brings tog­e­ther, under high­ly com­pe­tent lea­der­ship, a streng­thening com­mu­ni­ty of peo­p­le who want to fol­low their heal­ing path with this knowledge.)

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