Ori­gi­nal recom­men­da­ti­ons from the USA:

Ori­gi­nal recom­men­da­ti­ons from the USA:

Celery Juice Recipe – How to do it right!

Cele­ry juice has beco­me a world­wi­de move­ment that is beco­ming more and more popu­lar. In this cele­ry juice reci­pe you will learn how to make the valuable juice yours­elf, when it is best to drink it and what you should defi­ni­te­ly not do with it. 

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Cele­ry juice should only be drunk on an emp­ty sto­mach, other­wi­se it can­not deve­lop its heal­ing effects. Aim to aim for drin­king half a liter of fresh cele­ry juice in the mor­ning at least 15 to 30 minu­tes befo­re break­fast. Cele­ry juice would lose its full heal­ing power if, for exam­p­le, it were drunk direct­ly with break­fast or with an after­noon snack. It would also be wrong to add any­thing to your cele­ry juice reci­pe, be it lemon, apple, col­la­gen, kale, apple cider vin­egar, even water or ice. No mat­ter what you put in it, it will nega­te the bene­fits of pure, unadul­tera­ted cele­ry juice. Cele­ry juice must be drunk pure! 

The celery juice recipe

This is what you need for approx. 0.5 liters of pure cele­ry juice:


It would be ide­al to buy orga­nic cele­ry stalks to use the cele­ry juice reci­pe. Howe­ver, if you use con­ven­tio­nal cele­ry, wash it with warm water and a few drops of uns­cen­ted deter­gent befo­re jui­cing. bio­lo­gi­cal dish­wa­shing liquid (not with bak­ing soda). Then rin­se the rods well under run­ning water. 

If you are using a jui­cer, run the sticks through the jui­cer and then strain the juice through a fine-mesh sie­ve. This is the only way to ensu­re that all fiber com­pon­ents are remo­ved from the juice. 

If you use a high-per­for­mance blen­der, the sticks will be chop­ped into small pie­ces after washing. IMPORTANT: If pos­si­ble, do not add water to avo­id des­troy­ing the heal­ing pro­per­ties of cele­ry juice. Start mixing with a small amount and then gra­du­al­ly add the remai­ning pie­ces. After mixing, the pure­ed por­ridge must be pres­sed through a nut milk bag or simi­lar so that only pure cele­ry juice remains. 

Drink your cele­ry juice as fresh as pos­si­ble, but always at least 15 to 30 minu­tes away from other drinks and foods. 

To good health! 

This is what to add to the celery juice recipe: NOTHING! 

You won’t get the tre­men­dous heal­ing bene­fits of cele­ry juice even if you eat cele­ry sticks or add cele­ry to your smoothie. The sodium clus­ter salts in cele­ry juice, which are pri­ma­ri­ly respon­si­ble for heal­ing, don’t even reach the brain if you put the cele­ry in your smoothie, for exam­p­le. The same thing hap­pens if you puree the who­le cele­ry and then drink it with the solid com­pon­ents, even then the clus­ter salts do not reach the brain. If you drink cele­ry juice, if you have other food in your sto­mach, if you eat the cele­ry sticks ins­tead of jui­cing them, if you add cele­ry as an addi­tio­nal ingre­di­ent to ano­ther green juice or if you add other ingre­di­ents such as col­la­gen, acti­va­ted char­co­al, etc. to your cele­ry juice reci­pe Add apple cider vin­egar to pre­vent the clus­ter salts from rea­ching your brain. The­se are just a few examp­les of how all of the­se addi­ti­ves depri­ve cele­ry juice of its heal­ing properties. 

Wait at least 15 to 30 minu­tes if you wake up in the mor­ning Lemon water befo­re you drink your pure cele­ry juice. Then wait at least 15 to 30 minu­tes until breakfast. 

lemon juice

Cele­ry juice con­sists of only one ingre­di­ent. Even a juice mix­tu­re with cele­ry and lemon juice, for exam­p­le, does not give you the bene­fits you want in the mor­ning. It’s good if you like other juice blends, but save tho­se for later in the day. The ear­ly mor­ning cele­ry juice reci­pe has only one ingre­di­ent: cele­ry. Com­mer­ci­al­ly bot­t­led cele­ry juice is often mixed with lemon juice. If you drink the­se juices, they will not pro­vi­de you with the heal­ing bene­fits you expect from them. The­re are other pro­blems with bot­t­led cele­ry juice, read about them below. 

Apple Cider Vinegar

Avo­id adding apple cider vin­egar to your cele­ry juice reci­pe. You won’t get any bene­fits from cele­ry juice if you pour apple cider vin­egar into it, but it’s one of the qui­ckest ways to des­troy your cele­ry juice. With apple cider vin­egar you imme­dia­te­ly des­troy the sodium clus­ter salts, diges­ti­ve enzy­mes and plant hor­mo­nes in cele­ry juice. The vit­amin C con­tai­ned in cele­ry juice is imme­dia­te­ly ren­de­red use­l­ess. The enti­re struc­tu­re of the cele­ry juice is des­troy­ed instant­ly. Howe­ver, the addi­ti­on of apple cider vin­egar to cele­ry juice con­ti­nues to be tou­ted as a lau­da­ble source due to money-dri­ven inte­rests and agen­das. Remain stead­fast and don’t let yours­elf be con­fu­sed. Once the apple cider vin­egar hits the cele­ry juice, it imme­dia­te­ly oxi­dizes, so keep that in mind. 

Fruit and vege­ta­ble juices and green juices

The heal­ing pro­per­ties of cele­ry juice will be great­ly com­pro­mi­sed if you try to spi­ce up the cele­ry juice reci­pe with kale, app­les, car­rots, gin­ger, and cucum­bers. As temp­ting as it may be, save the­se ingre­di­ents for ano­ther juice later in the day. 

Water or ice

It’s not a good idea to mix cele­ry juice and water becau­se they are so dif­fe­rent. Our favo­ri­te aut­hor the­r­e­fo­re advi­ses against diluting cele­ry juice with water or ice. The bene­fits of cele­ry juice are nega­ted by plain water. This is also why cele­ry juice should not be dehy­dra­ted and then recon­sti­tu­ted with water. Sin­ce regu­lar water is not ali­ve, adding water will not res­to­re cele­ry juice. 


One of the most dis­as­trous things you can mix into your cele­ry juice reci­pe is col­la­gen. The bene­fits of cele­ry juice are nega­ted the moment you com­bi­ne extra col­la­gen with cele­ry juice in your body. Every sin­gle sodium bund­le salt and enzy­me in the juice reacts nega­tively to the sup­ple­men­tal col­la­gen as if it were a poi­son. Once the cele­ry juice-col­la­gen mix­tu­re enters the mouth and sto­mach, the clus­ter salts of cele­ry juice attach to the for­eign col­la­gen and attempt to remo­ve it from the body via the diges­ti­ve tract. As the clus­ter salts attempt to neu­tra­li­ze the extra col­la­gen, the collagen’s sti­cky pre­sence engulfs and absorbs the sodium clus­ter salts. 

If you add col­la­gen to the cele­ry juice reci­pe, the incre­di­ble bene­fits of the juice are lost. Try­ing to remo­ve the for­eign col­la­gen through the diges­ti­ve tract is then the sole pur­po­se of cele­ry juice. The body excre­tes the extra col­la­gen as a was­te pro­duct and it does­n’t even enter the blood­stream. Sin­ce any for­eign col­la­gen that lea­ves the intesti­nal walls is direc­ted to the liver, the liver has yet ano­ther trou­ble­ma­ker to sort through and put away.

Taking addi­tio­nal col­la­gen (espe­ci­al­ly in the form of cele­ry juice) does not help skin, joints, hair and nails and should the­r­e­fo­re not be done under any cir­cum­s­tances. It’s best to sup­port your body in pro­du­cing its own col­la­gen (and bile). Anti­oxi­dants, the right vit­amin B12 and the sul­fur that occurs natu­ral­ly in vege­ta­bles, as well as cal­ci­um, magne­si­um, zinc and sili­ca, which are found in foods and die­ta­ry sup­ple­ments, are hel­pful. The­se are the neces­sa­ry ele­ments that real­ly sup­port you, plus drin­king pure cele­ry juice regu­lar­ly and deto­xi­fy­ing the liver from toxins. The truth is that taking col­la­gen CANNOT help with any of this. This is a fal­se theo­ry that only results in con­su­mers being taken advan­ta­ge of.

Pro­te­in pow­der and acti­va­ted charcoal

Two other trends that have emer­ged are the addi­ti­on of pro­te­in pow­der and acti­va­ted char­co­al to the cele­ry juice reci­pe. The only thing this achie­ves is that the sodium clus­ter salts in cele­ry juice lose their heal­ing properties. 

HPP and bot­t­led cele­ry juice

HPP stands for high pres­su­re pas­teu­riza­ti­on and means that the juice was deli­ver­ed from a pro­duc­tion faci­li­ty, not fresh­ly cold pres­sed, bot­t­led and put on the shelf for you that day. One might get the idea that the juice is raw sin­ce HPP’s pas­teu­riza­ti­on pro­cess does not requi­re heat. Exact­ly the oppo­si­te is the case. All HPP juice is dena­tu­red. As a result of this new pro­cess, which has not yet been tes­ted, the cell struc­tures of the juice have chan­ged in shape and form. Over hundreds of years, regu­lar pas­teu­riza­ti­on has been pro­ven to be safe. Howe­ver, you should­n’t drink regu­lar pas­teu­ri­zed cele­ry juice eit­her. It must be fresh and raw. It is wrong to assu­me that HPP means raw juice. That’s just theo­ry. To extend its shelf life, it was dis­tur­bed and compromised.

HPP juice does not pro­vi­de the health bene­fits of fresh cele­ry juice. It’s easy to ima­gi­ne many peo­p­le rea­ching for HPP cele­ry juice, drin­king it for a while and then giving up becau­se their con­di­ti­on and sym­ptoms have not impro­ved. Do not put up with it. On the other hand, it is okay to drink cele­ry juice that was bot­t­led and pla­ced on the shelf from a juice bar in a store that day if you can veri­fy when that cele­ry juice was made so that it was tru­ly made that day. Of cour­se, it’s best if you can wait for the juice to be fresh­ly made right in front of you. You may also be able to call ahead and make sure your cele­ry juice will be rea­dy at a spe­ci­fic time when you can pick it up. 

Cele­ry tablets and cele­ry powder

The­re is no way you can get the same results from cele­ry tablets or pow­der as you would from fresh cele­ry juice. The­re are some herbs and fruits that can be bene­fi­ci­al in dried or pow­de­red form, but the­se alter­na­ti­ve forms, in the case of cele­ry, are a was­te of money and do not pro­vi­de the same bene­fits as fresh cele­ry for your cele­ry juice reci­pe. Only jui­ced, fresh, pure cele­ry offers the heal­ing bene­fits. It is important to note that the die­ta­ry sup­ple­ment Cele­ry­force, NOT cele­ry pow­der or cele­ry tablets. It is a sup­ple­ment to drin­king cele­ry juice and con­ta­ins no cele­ry at all. You take it 30 minu­tes befo­re or after cele­ry juice. 


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