Ori­gi­nal AW recom­men­da­ti­ons from the USA:

Ori­gi­nal AW recom­men­da­ti­ons from the USA:

What is the reason for bloating?

Fla­tu­lence is wide­spread and yet usual­ly remains unex­plai­ned, alt­hough the sym­ptoms of full­ness, air in the sto­mach or sim­ply abdo­mi­nal pain can­not go unnoticed. 

Medi­cal sources bla­me lec­tins, among other things, for fla­tu­lence, but sin­ce they are in almost every fruit and vege­ta­ble, that can’t actual­ly be the reason, other­wi­se you would be depri­ved of the bene­fi­ci­al effects on your health.

Ano­ther reason for fla­tu­lence is said to be glu­ten. Howe­ver, it is a yet undis­co­ver­ed truth that glu­ten feeds EBV, her­pes sim­plex, her­pes zos­ter and strep throat. This means glu­ten helps the­se viru­s­es stay alive.

So the real cau­se of bloa­ting and fla­tu­lence is much deeper, other­wi­se the­re would­n’t be so many peo­p­le who still suf­fer from it. The reason lies in an over­work­ed, toxic and slug­gish liver (detail­ed tre­at­ment of this topic in the book Heal Your Liver*).

Most dise­a­ses such as acne, ecze­ma, vitili­go, diges­ti­ve pro­blems, bloa­ting, fati­gue, dia­be­tes, high cho­le­ste­rol, high blood pres­su­re, heart attacks, strokes, gall­blad­der pro­blems and much more are due to an over­work­ed, toxic or slug­gish liver. In fact, 9 out of 10 peo­p­le have a slug­gish liver.

But why does our liver beco­me sluggish?

The­re are trou­ble­ma­kers and the­se are toxins and patho­gens (see “Heal your liver” for a list) that we are born with and that resi­de in our liver.

A major cau­se of liver poi­so­ning is hea­vy metals such as mer­cu­ry, lead, cad­mi­um or cop­per, as well as che­mi­cals and poi­sons such as deter­gents, per­fu­mes, gaso­li­ne, insec­ti­ci­des, pesti­ci­des and pre­ser­va­ti­ves. The­se toxins are con­stant­ly around us and we can­not avo­id them all. But we can eat the right foods to pro­tect our liver.

In addi­ti­on, the liver is hin­de­red by a diet rich in fat and pro­te­in, whe­ther of ani­mal or plant ori­gin, becau­se the high fat con­tent alo­ne hin­ders bile pro­duc­tion and the com­ple­te break­down of the food. This alo­ne can lead to bloating.

So if your liver is stres­sed, bile pro­duc­tion and hydro­chlo­ric acid pro­duc­tion in the sto­mach will con­ti­nue to suf­fer, caus­ing the pro­te­ins and fats to rot and go ran­cid in the intesti­nes. The­se undi­gested food par­tic­les ulti­m­ate­ly feed the patho­gens that line the intesti­nal tract, caus­ing more symptoms.

Ano­ther important reason for wea­k­e­ning of bile is an increase in adre­na­line in the body. The­re are a few reasons for this, such as too much cof­fee, too much fat, trau­ma­tic or emo­tio­nal events in your life. This also includes a very stre­nuous and stressful life­style, which keeps your body in a fight-flight response.

Due to the fast pace of our socie­ty, almost all of us have to deal with the effects of too much adrenaline.

What can you do about flatulence?

In any case, you should try to redu­ce the fat and pro­te­in-rich foods. Too much of it, whe­ther plant or ani­mal, ulti­m­ate­ly leads to bloa­ting and diges­ti­ve problems.

Alt­hough diets high in pro­te­in and fat are the popu­lar trend, they are misleading.

The good thing about them is that they remo­ve pro­ces­sed foods from the diet and can pro­vi­de some results to the per­son who pre­vious­ly ate even worse foods.

Howe­ver, the­se diets are not a long-term solu­ti­on to chro­nic dise­a­ses and sym­ptoms. Any plant-based, sup­po­sedly good addi­ti­ons (e.g. coco­nut oil, milk, yogurt, and almond but­ter, etc.) to your mor­ning smoothies will make bloa­ting worse. Ins­tead, try the liver res­cue smoothie from the liver book or the Hea­vy metal detox smoothie as a break­fast that con­ta­ins the 5 cru­cial ingre­di­ents for safe and effec­ti­ve rem­oval of hea­vy metals. (Wild blueber­ries, Spi­ru­li­na, Bar­ley grass juice pow­der, Atlan­tic Dul­se and leaf cori­an­der).

If you can, con­sider adop­ting a plant-based diet, at least tem­po­r­a­ri­ly, while you’­re try­ing to get rid of bloa­ting. The Liver Heal­ing 3–6‑9 is an ide­al way to speed up the heal­ing of bloa­ting and other ailm­ents. The best foods to incor­po­ra­te into your dai­ly rou­ti­ne are fresh leafy vege­ta­bles that are rich in essen­ti­al mine­ral salts. sprouts, Kale, Cucum­bers, zuc­chi­ni, broc­co­li and aspa­ra­gus are reme­dies for fla­tu­lence. Fruits are essen­ti­al for curing fla­tu­lence. papa­ya, bana­nas, figs, pears, kiwi, App­les and apri­cots are an excel­lent choice for flatulence.

The key to impro­ve­ment is drin­king 0.5 liters of cele­ry juice in the mor­ning on an emp­ty sto­mach. Sym­ptoms won’t go away over­night, but the­se foods will help rebuild your liver’s strength.

It takes time for the bile reser­ves to build up again. Ever­yo­ne is dif­fe­rent, so some may find that their bloa­ting gets worse when they start incor­po­ra­ting pure cele­ry juice and more fruits, leafy greens, and vege­ta­bles into their diet. If this hap­pens and it’s not due to other foods you may be eating too much of, then it’s becau­se your body is releasing toxins. The res­to­ra­ti­on of bile and hydro­chlo­ric acid takes time. Sin­ce everyone’s liver is dif­fe­rent, heal­ing can take dif­fe­rent times for dif­fe­rent peo­p­le. This is whe­re cele­ry juice unfolds one of its won­derful effects. It enters the diges­ti­ve sys­tem, is absor­bed into the intesti­nal wall and also rea­ches the liver. The­re it revi­ta­li­zes the liver cells and true reju­ve­na­ti­on sets in.
The liver’s important fil­ter func­tion can no lon­ger be per­for­med opti­mal­ly if the fil­ter is blo­cked by fat cells or toxins. We don’t expect a vacu­um clea­ner bag to per­form at its best if we don’t chan­ge the fil­ter regu­lar­ly. For­t­u­na­te­ly, it is very easy to start this liver cle­an­sing pro­cess again. Cele­ry juice plays a cru­cial role here as it helps flush out all the­se toxins.

If you are won­de­ring what can be stored in your liver, here is a small excerpt of the possibilities:

  • Per­fu­mes
  • Cos­me­tics
  • Gaso­li­ne (by fil­ling up)
  • air fres­he­ner
  • Pesti­ci­des
  • Her­bici­des
  • toxic hea­vy metals such as mer­cu­ry, alu­mi­num and copper
  • old medi­ci­nes
  • Patho­gens such as viru­s­es and bac­te­ria and their viral was­te pro­ducts and toxins, espe­ci­al­ly Epstein-Barr virus, HHV‑6 and HHV‑7, cyto­me­ga­lo­vi­rus, strep­to­coc­ci and E. coli

Patho­gens also feed on poi­sons and toxins, which is why the won­derful help of cele­ry juice is so important in get­ting the­se viral was­te pro­ducts and pie­ces out of the liver to remo­ve. This is accom­plished by the spe­cial sodium clus­ter salts con­tai­ned in cele­ry juice. The viral was­te pro­ducts are wea­k­en­ed and kil­led as the cele­ry juice remo­ves the mem­bra­nes. This puts the liver back in a posi­ti­on to ful­fill its neces­sa­ry pro­tec­ti­ve mea­su­res and fil­ter func­tions with full power and reju­ve­n­a­ted thrust.

Cele­ry juice can also help dis­sol­ve the excess fat cells in the liver and thus con­tri­bu­te to streng­thening. Not to for­get, it also con­ta­ins vit­amins and mine­rals that direct­ly nou­rish and streng­then the liver, making this juice a gre­at self-heal­ing eli­xir and a tur­bo boos­ter for anyo­ne who wants to make las­ting chan­ges to their weight.

Half a liter of fresh­ly squeezed drink dai­ly on an emp­ty sto­mach Cele­ry juice Drin­king is a powerful wea­pon in the fight for a satis­fac­to­ry body weight.

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