Mega Health Days: Until April 24th 5 % dis­count with cou­pon code: HEALTH5

Mega Health Days: Until April 24th 5 % dis­count with cou­pon code: HEALTH5

Which water to drink?

The topic of water is very diver­se and is often asso­cia­ted with many ques­ti­on marks: What pH value should water have? What is the best way to fil­ter my water? This artic­le is inten­ded to give you an over­view of the topic of water. 
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Alkaline water from ionizers – a trendy trap

Stress on the intesti­nes and liver

Alka­li­ne water can over­whelm your intesti­nes. As a result, the liver steps in and has to put all of its actu­al tasks asi­de. Espe­ci­al­ly if you are alre­a­dy deal­ing with intesti­nal pro­blems and redu­ced hydro­chlo­ric acid, the liver always has to help out if you drink too much water that is too alka­li­ne (or too aci­dic). The liver releases a cer­tain form of bile to cap­tu­re the water and then lower (or increase) its pH value (see ibid.).

Heavy metals in water

Our favo­ri­te aut­hor cle­ar­ly advi­ses against tren­dy water ioni­zers. Not only is the high pH value unfa­vorable for the body, the big­gest pro­blem is that the metal pla­tes of the ioni­zers begin to rust and release small amounts of metal into the water. Sin­ce the ioni­zers have no fil­ter func­tion, you may be con­sum­ing metals with every glass of water. And sin­ce the metals are elec­tri­fied by ioniza­ti­on, they have an even more dama­ging effect (cf. Face­book Live: What Water Is Best To Drink? from June 22nd, 2020 from minu­te 04:14 and minu­te 41:30)

Artificial water for the body

Alka­li­ne water from water ioni­zers is for­eign to your own body. Our body tri­es to get rid of for­eign sub­s­tances as quick­ly as pos­si­ble and then pro­du­ces adre­na­line. When your body pro­du­ces a lot of adre­na­line, you may tem­po­r­a­ri­ly feel bet­ter and this may mis­lead you into thin­king that water has health bene­fits. Water with a natu­ral­ly high pH is not the same and must the­r­e­fo­re be distin­gu­is­hed from ioni­zed water. Even though this water requi­res some ener­gy from the body to lower the pH value, it has not under­go­ne elec­tro­ly­sis and the­r­e­fo­re does not have the same nega­ti­ve effect on the body (cf. ibid. from 19:15). The water is dama­ged by the pro­cess of ioniza­ti­on, dena­tu­red and has the­r­e­fo­re lost its vita­li­ty fore­ver. Even fresh lemon juice can­not bring the water back to life (cf. ibid. from 15:35). More on the topic of “revi­ta­li­zing water” will fol­low later!

Alka­li­ne, ioni­zed water also has no advan­ta­ges for clea­ning pur­po­ses. It does not kill patho­gens and does not magi­cal­ly clean your fruits and vege­ta­bles or your liver (see ibid. from 35:00).

If you can­not do wit­hout water from ioni­zers under any cir­cum­s­tances, then the fol­lo­wing applies:

“Just drink a litt­le if you want to drink it. Just drink a little.”

Face­book live ibid. 39:10

What pH value should water have?

It is important to avo­id water with a pH value abo­ve 8.0 if pos­si­ble, even if the cur­rent trend for alka­li­ne water claims other­wi­se. 7.7 is the best pH value for drin­king water. For ever­y­thing abo­ve and below, the diges­ti­ve sys­tem has to expend ener­gy to rai­se or lower the pH accor­din­gly. Only when the water has rea­ched the cor­rect pH value can your body use the water (Cle­an­se to Heal (p.125). Kind­le version).

The two types of “living” water

Hydro­bio­ac­ti­ve water: Hydro­bio­ac­ti­ve water is found in fruits, vege­ta­bles, herbs and wild foods. This water con­ta­ins important nut­ri­ents and is good for your phy­si­cal health. Hydro­bio­ac­ti­ve water is “living” water, which hydra­tes your cells bet­ter than plain water. Many peo­p­le instinc­tively make use of this know­ledge by squeezing a lemon into the water ins­tead of plain water or using fruit juice.

Cofac­tor water: The other form of “living” water is cal­led cofac­tor water. This type of water can absorb infor­ma­ti­on and spe­ci­fi­cal­ly sup­port your mind and soul through its trace ele­ments, mine­ral salts, enzy­mes and secon­da­ry plant sub­s­tances (see ibid. p.30).

Rainwater has lost its vitality

Howe­ver, today we are expo­sed to more toxins such as harmful che­mi­cals, radia­ti­on and hea­vy metals in the sky, resul­ting in the life-giving nut­ri­ents in rain­wa­ter incre­asing­ly dis­ap­pearing and pre­ci­pi­ta­ti­on lack­ing vita­li­ty (see ibid).

The different types of water and filter techniques

Home water fil­ter: He advi­ses cont­ac­ting 3 dif­fe­rent pro­vi­ders and cle­ar­ly com­mu­ni­ca­ting that you want hea­vy metals, patho­gens, sol­vents and petro­che­mi­cals fil­te­red out (cf. Face­book live What Water Is Best To Drink? From 50:30).

Rever­se osmo­sis water: Water from rever­se osmo­sis sys­tems is not dead. It can be brought back to life. Not all solids are remo­ved from rever­se osmo­sis water, only a few remain. The con­cerns that rever­se osmo­sis water can strip you of mine­rals due to its mine­ral defi­ci­en­cy are unfoun­ded. It can’t take away any mine­rals from you. Good rever­se smo­sis sys­tems fil­ter all ques­tionable sub­s­tances from the water (Face­book live cf. ibid. from 54:50).

Distil­led water: A nega­ti­ve point to note here is that all mine­rals are remo­ved from distil­led water. Nevert­hel­ess, distil­led water is not “dead” water and can the­r­e­fo­re be brought back to life. In addi­ti­on, distil­led water is free of patho­gens and lar­ge­ly free of metals and petro­che­mi­cals. Howe­ver, it does not go through a typi­cal fil­ter pro­cess and is the­r­e­fo­re not com­ple­te­ly pure (Face­book live cf. ibid. from 57:50). Howe­ver, to all the fans of distil­led water he says:

“That’s fine. It won’t stop you from heal­ing. It will not deter­mi­ne your fate.”

Face­book live ibid. 39:10

Spring water: Spring water is excel­lent as long as you don’t use cheap bot­t­led water with addi­ti­ves such as salt. His recom­men­da­ti­on for tra­ve­lers is the still waters of Vol­vic. One advan­ta­ge of Vol­vic bot­t­les is that they are not made of cheap pla­s­tic. Also Fiji water he recom­mends. (Face­book live see ibid. from 1:03:30).

Note: We don’t know whe­ther the recom­men­da­ti­on also appli­es to Euro­pe or whe­ther the pro­duct in this coun­try may dif­fer from the Ame­ri­can one.

Well water: Access to well water is not the same as access to clean drin­king water. Hea­vy metals and other pol­lut­ants can be found in well water (Face­book live see ibid. from 1:06:30).

Ber­key water fil­ter: Ber­key fil­ter sys­tems are recom­men­ded by him. They remo­ve hea­vy metals, sol­vents, petro­che­mi­cals, phar­maceu­ti­cals and most patho­gens (Face­book live cf. ibid. from 1:05:20). The Ber­key is inex­pen­si­ve com­pared to other water puri­fiers and is also rela­tively uncom­pli­ca­ted in its use and composition.

Water fil­ter cara­fes: This quick and easy method of water fil­tra­ti­on is not real­ly effec­ti­ve. Using such a fil­ter method is bet­ter than drin­king con­ta­mi­na­ted tap water, but the­se fil­ters do not suf­fi­ci­ent­ly remo­ve pol­lut­ants (Face­book live cf. ibid. from 1:14:10).

Is the Berkey filter also suitable in Germany?

Whe­ther the fil­ter method he recom­mends is also sui­ta­ble in Ger­ma­ny or Euro­pe is con­tro­ver­si­al among some peo­p­le. It is undis­pu­ted that the Ber­key can effec­tively remo­ve toxins. Rather, cri­tics point to a dif­fe­rent micro­bio­lo­gi­cal situa­ti­on pre­vai­ling in Ger­ma­ny com­pared to the USA. Wit­hout adding chlo­ri­ne to the water (chlo­ri­ne is part of drin­king water in the USA!), the fil­ters are said to be more sus­cep­ti­ble to patho­gens, so here and the­re the­re are war­nings about the dan­ger that the fil­ters in Ger­ma­ny and Euro­pe could muta­te into a germ kil­ler . We con­fron­ted Ber­key with this argu­ment and asked for a posi­ti­on name: 

We have been told that the con­cerns are unfoun­ded becau­se the Ber­keys are not just desi­gned for the Ame­ri­can mar­ket. Ber­keys have been sold suc­cessful­ly in Euro­pe for 20 years. All of Berkey’s offi­ci­al test results are inten­ded to con­firm that the fil­ters were always able to remo­ve all germs, regard­less of the water type.

Revitalize water

The water that comes out of your tap has lost much of its “liveli­ne­ss” as it tra­vels through your home’s plum­bing. A few splas­hes of lemon juice are enough to make the water “live­lier” again. The lemons (or limes) con­tain the “living” water that got into the fruit as rain­wa­ter via the tree (Face­book live cf. ibid. from 52:00). If you don’t like lemon or lime juice in your water, you can also use oran­ge juice, which is the most effec­ti­ve after the other two citrus fruits (alt­hough slight­ly less). Whe­ther you use distil­led water, rever­se osmo­sis water, or ano­ther method to puri­fy your water, a few sprit­zes of citrus will make your water more vibrant. The sun can also help you bring the water back to life. Sim­ply place a jug of water in the sun for 30 minu­tes (Face­book live cf. ibid. from 56:00).


Even though the­re are a few points to con­sider when choo­sing the right water and fil­ter, you should­n’t let yours­elf be put under pres­su­re when it comes to water. Unfort­u­na­te­ly, this is exact­ly what net­work mar­ke­ting sel­lers of water ioni­zers are doing the­se days, sel­ling the pro­duct to health-min­ded peo­p­le as an essen­ti­al ingre­di­ent for get­ting healt­hy. He has men­tio­ned seve­ral times that the “drin­king water” fac­tor will not deter­mi­ne whe­ther you get healt­hy or not. Rather, it’s about making the best pos­si­ble decis­i­ons for you per­so­nal­ly and not stri­ving for per­fec­tion on this topic.

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