Mega Health Days: Until April 24th 5 % dis­count with cou­pon code: HEALTH5

Mega Health Days: Until April 24th 5 % dis­count with cou­pon code: HEALTH5

Agave syrup

30 years ago, aga­ve syrup was still a real rari­ty in Ger­ma­ny, but today it is an inte­gral part of every super­mar­ket. But is the sugar sub­sti­tu­te a real alter­na­ti­ve to nor­mal house­hold sugar from a health perspective? 
Glass with agave syrup and spoon

Aga­ve syrup, also known as aga­ve juice or aga­ve syrup, is obtai­ned from various Mexi­can aga­ve species.

What to think of agave syrup?

Sin­ce aga­ve syrup is a refi­ned syrup, it is not bene­fi­ci­al to your health. 

Our favo­ri­te aut­hor also says that aga­ve syrup is… Can­di­da fun­gus nou­ris­hes and can also poten­ti­al­ly ser­ve as food for pathogens.

A better choice than agave syrup

The­se are all won­derful sweeten­ers and at the same time very heal­ing. They can all be con­su­med in lar­ger quan­ti­ties. Howe­ver, the unfa­vorable com­bi­na­ti­on of sugar with too many fats should be taken into account.

Other possible alternatives to agave syrup

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Astrid Späth has been enthu­si­a­sti­cal­ly imple­men­ting this life­style for hers­elf and her fami­ly sin­ce 2019. It is a chall­enge for them to mas­ter the dif­fe­rent needs and wis­hes of the fami­ly mem­bers in culina­ry terms, which they do bet­ter and bet­ter as their know­ledge increases. 
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