All Vimer­gy sup­ple­ments at a glance:

All Vimer­gy sup­ple­ments at a glance:

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Essential oil in water bowl
Essen­ti­al oils – safe? 

Essen­ti­al oils have beco­me very popu­lar among many peo­p­le and their use is not only exter­nal but also inter­nal. Find out what you need to know about this com­mon use and its long-term effects. 

Cof­fee enema? 

The­re is a com­mon belief that the cof­fee ene­ma is good for liver deto­xi­fi­ca­ti­on. This artic­le warns about the harmful effects of the cof­fee ene­ma, espe­ci­al­ly with regard to the liver. 

Bowl of lupins
Is the (sweet) lupi­ne compliant? 

Is lupi­ne recom­men­ded? It is beco­ming more and more popu­lar and one won­ders whe­ther it could pos­si­bly be a sui­ta­ble repla­ce­ment for the no-food soy? 

Yeast flakes in wooden bowl
Are nut­ri­tio­nal yeast flakes compliant? 

Today it is impos­si­ble to ima­gi­ne vegan cui­sine wit­hout yeast flakes. Their spi­cy and often cheese-like tas­te makes their use so popu­lar. In addi­ti­on, they are beco­ming more and more of a trend due to their alle­ged health bene­fits, but this is wron­gly so! 

Coconut milk made according to Anthony William
How do I make coco­nut milk myself? 

Vegan milk alter­na­ti­ves are tren­dy and are fil­ling super­mar­ket shel­ves. Howe­ver, the­se alter­na­ti­ve pro­ducts are not auto­ma­ti­cal­ly healt­hy, as all sorts of addi­ti­ves are often used. Here you can find out how you can make coco­nut milk yourself. 

Avocado oil in glass carafe
Avo­ca­do oil 

Is avo­ca­do oil a healt­hy oil? This artic­le will shed light on how healt­hy the oil real­ly is and why it’s important to dif­fe­ren­tia­te bet­ween avo­ca­do oil and who­le avocados. 

Aloe vera leaves
Aloe vera 

Aloe vera is one of the oldest medi­cinal plants and is best known as a true mira­cle cure for the skin. In this artic­le you will find out why the hel­pful pro­per­ties of aloe vera go far bey­ond the skin, plus much more.

Glass with cooking oil
Oil pulling? 

Oil pul­ling is said to have an extre­me­ly posi­ti­ve effect on den­tal and oral health. But can the posi­ti­ve effect be con­firm­ed? Or is it even harmful? 

Glass with agave syrup and spoon
Aga­ve syrup 

30 years ago, aga­ve syrup was still a real rari­ty in Ger­ma­ny, but today it is an inte­gral part of every super­mar­ket. But is the sugar sub­sti­tu­te a real alter­na­ti­ve to nor­mal house­hold sugar from a health perspective?

Zeolite in glass on base

When it comes to remo­ving toxic hea­vy metals from the body, calls for zeo­li­te quick­ly beco­me loud. But should­n’t peo­p­le be cal­ling for spi­ru­li­na, bar­ley grass juice pow­der, wild blueber­ries and Atlan­tic dulse?

Carob pods and carob powder

Is car­ob a sui­ta­ble alter­na­ti­ve to cocoa? Is the fruit of the car­ob tree a com­pli­ant food? 


Many peo­p­le use buck­wheat as an alter­na­ti­ve to grains con­tai­ning glu­ten. Is this pseu­do-grain real­ly that safe? 

Hydro­gen per­oxi­de (H202)

What to think about hydro­gen per­oxi­de? This agent deser­ves more atten­ti­on as a dis­in­fec­tant and clea­ning agent, not just in the kit­chen and bathroom. 

Psyl­li­um husks 

Psyl­li­um husks are very popu­lar as an alter­na­ti­ve to eggs in vegan bak­ing. But are they real­ly as recom­men­da­ble as gene­ral­ly assumed? 


Is chlorel­la algae as good as its repu­ta­ti­on? Can it actual­ly help eli­mi­na­te hea­vy metals? The Truth About Chlorella!