Ori­gi­nal AW recom­men­da­ti­ons from the USA:

Ori­gi­nal AW recom­men­da­ti­ons from the USA:

Thyme tea and thyme water

Thy­me tea and thy­me water are a valuable aid in the fight against viru­s­es and bac­te­ria. They are the first choice for colds and flu. 
Cup of thyme tea with honey on wooden table

Preparation of thyme tea



Put fresh thy­me in a cup, pour hot, not boi­ling water over it and let it steep for at least 15 minu­tes. Remo­ve or strain thy­me sprigs. Swee­ten with raw honey and/or lemon. Sip and enjoy!

Preparation of thyme water


  • 2 who­le bun­ches of fresh thy­me petals.
  • 1–2 L fil­te­red water or spring water
  • optio­nal: fresh lemon, raw honey, ber­ries, cucum­ber sli­ces, mint, etc.


Fill a pot or jug with room tem­pe­ra­tu­re water and add the thy­me sprigs. Let sit on the kit­chen coun­ter over­night. In the mor­ning, remove/strain the thy­me sprigs and add lemon, raw honey or other optio­nal ingre­di­ents. Drink the water throug­hout the day to stay hydrated.

Questions & answers about thyme tea and thyme water

It is important to use fresh thy­me to achie­ve the grea­test heal­ing bene­fits. (In a recent live, our favo­ri­te aut­hor added that if you don’t have fresh thy­me on hand, it’s still bet­ter to use dried thy­me than to avo­id it altogether.)

It’s best to let the water cool slight­ly befo­re pou­ring it over the ten­der thy­me leaves.

Yes, but the first batch is best.

Yes, and you can drink it throug­hout the day.

Yes, the thy­me water is more hydrating becau­se it is not hea­ted, but the thy­me tea also has many heal­ing benefits.

Yes, it is safe during pregnancy.

No, thy­me essen­ti­al oil does not have the same the­ra­peu­tic effects. Fresh thy­me is best.

Yes, it is safe and bene­fi­ci­al for both the mother and the baby.

Yes, you can use as much as you want.

Yes, you can, but it won’t be as healing.

In this artic­le you will find more infor­ma­ti­on about: Heal­ing power of thy­me.


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