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80 days potato mono-eating cleanse

In this expe­ri­ence report on the 80-day pota­to mono-eating cle­an­se, the aut­hor descri­bes why she cho­se this cle­an­se and why she will defi­ni­te­ly repeat it. 
Variety of potatoes in the mono-eating cleanse

This year I did an 80-day mono-eating cle­an­se in late win­ter and ear­ly spring and would like to share my expe­ri­en­ces with you.

I have been on the heal­ing path for 2 years and have ful­ly com­mit­ted mys­elf to it and deci­ded to cut out all no-foods from the start. But some­ti­mes the cra­vings were too hard to break, so I still con­su­med some no-foods every now and then. My weak­ne­ss was fat, rolls, salt and cheese. I had been eating very com­pli­ant­ly and well all week, but when I went shop­ping, I sud­den­ly found mys­elf sit­ting in my car in the par­king lot eating the best, cris­py, soft, jui­cy pret­zel crois­sants with goat cheese. Who bought them? I bought them, but the viru­s­es told me to buy them! I swear.

Mono-eating cleanse as a tool against flatulence

I grew up eating foods full of fat, glu­ten, very few fruits and vege­ta­bles, and no salad at all. And all of this ulti­m­ate­ly led to bloa­ting, which I now wan­ted to address with the mono-eating cleanse.

Befo­re I did the mono-eating cle­an­se, I had alre­a­dy done a half and a com­ple­te Ori­gi­nal 369 liver cle­an­se and once an advan­ced cle­an­se. Intui­tively, I knew that the mono-eating cle­an­se would be my next thing. It was hel­pful to fol­low someone on Insta­gram who had done the same cle­an­se and show­ed how it was done so I could prepa­re a litt­le. I have the mono-eating cle­an­se chap­ter in the book Heal yours­elf read it many times and wai­ted for the moment when I was rea­dy. One day I tried the bana­na mono cle­an­se, but I could only do it for 10 minu­tes – it was too sweet for me. I love fruits, so I was a litt­le worried about how I could sur­vi­ve wit­hout fruits, but only eating bana­na – that’s not for me!

One day the­re was a spe­cial full moon and I saw that someone had pos­ted on Insta­gram that this full moon is good for chan­ge and cle­an­sing, so I took the oppor­tu­ni­ty to join in. And real­ly, I felt like I was sup­port­ed and safe during this cleanse.

The beginning of my mono-eating cleanse

On the first day I was a bit pani­cky and felt like I did­n’t know what to do. So I did a kind of bridging day by doing a lot more Honey ate and drank a lot of coco­nut water. After a while I began to calm down and I unders­tood that it was all very simp­le. I lear­ned that when I sud­den­ly had not­hing to eat, I… pota­toes I could peel them and cut them into cubes so that they were stea­m­ed very quick­ly. I loved my diced pota­to can­dies. They real­ly tas­ted so sweet and good. What I noti­ced is that when I pee­led and diced them, I had to eat more of them. When the pota­toes were who­le and with the skin on, they were more fil­ling and I could only eat less of them.

Some­ti­mes I had moments when it was dif­fi­cult, so I stea­m­ed the pota­to cubes first and then gril­led them in the oven. That hel­ped and after that I was able to con­ti­nue with stea­m­ed pota­toes. Some­ti­mes I did­n’t like the tas­te of the varie­ty, then I would crush it and add some water to make it tas­te better.

Follow your intuition 

I have to say that I fol­lo­wed my intui­ti­on very much. I drank tea 2–3 times, once pep­per­mint tea and then lemon balm, raspber­ry leaf and nett­le tea. Some­ti­mes I also drank aloe water becau­se I had also drunk it befo­re the cle­an­se and the­r­e­fo­re it is okay to drink aloe water. At first I took my nut­ri­tio­nal sup­ple­ments (half the dosa­ge), but at some point it beca­me too much for me, I stop­ped taking them all and then soon again Zinc and B12 added. One time when my immu­ne sys­tem got a litt­le wea­k­er and I star­ted get­ting shin­gles pain in my should­ers, I deci­ded to take some sup­ple­ments to stop it. That hel­ped quickly.

So I car­ri­ed on – I con­tin­ued to cook food for my part­ner and I even tra­ve­led to visit a fami­ly and coo­ked com­pli­ant food for them for a week, made cakes and various deli­cious foods, but I was at peace with my mono eating cle­an­se and I loved pota­toes, so I had no desi­re for any­thing else, the smell of other foods was enough for me.

Great grounding and peace from the Mono Eating Cleanse

I felt like I was real­ly being groun­ded. Once I had that fee­ling, I beca­me cal­mer and was able to sort things and keep things in order much more easi­ly. I felt like my liver was start­ing to beco­me peaceful and was able to sort things out and keep order in my body much more easi­ly. I unders­tood very cle­ar­ly the fol­lo­wing sen­tence: If our livers were clean and healt­hy, the­re would be no war on earth. That’s what I felt. I felt that if my liver could keep things in order, I could keep things in order, if my liver could keep things in order, it was easy for me to keep things in order. 

I’m actual­ly a big mess, so this was a spe­cial expe­ri­ence for me – being a per­son who brings order to things. I also noti­ced that I did­n’t react to things as emo­tio­nal­ly as I used to, I obser­ved peo­p­le invol­ved in dra­mas and did­n’t get drawn into them. 

Changes in the body

And sure­ly I cured my bloa­ting in 7 days? No. Some peo­p­le post the pho­tos and hap­pi­ly say that their tum­mies are flat after a few days of mono-eating cle­an­se. That was­n’t the case for me. I actual­ly wan­ted to stay on this diet until I noti­ced that some­thing chan­ged. Not that I get a flat sto­mach, but that I feel that my body has come a step fur­ther. I had no idea how long it would take and the weeks went by wit­hout me fee­ling like finis­hing the treatment. 

I remem­ber after 50 days some­thing star­ted to chan­ge, not dra­ma­ti­cal­ly, but some­thing was dif­fe­rent, I no lon­ger had as much hard­ness in my sto­mach and no lon­ger loo­ked like someone who is seven months pregnant. I was also able to wear clo­thes that were a litt­le tigh­ter again. I don’t have a sca­le, so I don’t know exact­ly how much I’ve lost, but I’d guess it’s 4–5kg.

Not enough leafy greens

My mista­ke was that I did­n’t eat enough leafy greens during the mono-eating cle­an­se. I tried. As I said, I grew up wit­hout salad and did­n’t try to eat salad until I was in my mid-20s, but I’ve always resis­ted eating leafy greens. I’ve found that jui­cing is the easie­st way to con­su­me them, but I know that leafy greens mas­sa­ge the intesti­nes, so eating them is bet­ter. It would have been hel­pful to ask the Angel of Habit to help me, but unfort­u­na­te­ly I did­n’t think to ask her during the mono-eating cleanse.

On the 77th day I felt that I will finish the cle­an­se NOW but I could­n’t, some­thing is still wrong. So I thought, I’ll do it until the full moon, then it’ll be exact­ly 3 months. But it was on day 80 when I was lying on the flo­or doing my exer­ci­s­es and sud­den­ly felt – it’s enough now, I can’t eat ano­ther potato!

The end of the cleanse

I went into the kit­chen and made mys­elf a bana­na and oran­ge smoothie, and then ano­ther, and then some more fruit. The next few days were a bit dif­fi­cult, I wan­ted to eat too many hea­vy things, I did eat some, but I was always nice to mys­elf and said it was ok, so after 3 days I wan­ted pota­toes again and unders­tood that pota­toes always still my favo­ri­te food, the best food for me was stea­m­ed pota­toes mas­hed with fresh­ly sli­ced yel­low or red oni­ons or gar­lic and a litt­le map­le syrup. Any time I felt like I was miss­ing some­thing, this food hel­ped me feel full and satisfied.

That was my plan for the day

In the morning:

  • 1 L Lemon water with Honey
  • 1 liter cele­ry juice
  • pota­toes
  • Coco­nut water throug­hout the day


At evening:

  • 1 head of let­tuce (not every day)
  • 1/2 L cucum­ber juice (2–3x per week)
  • pota­toes
  • 1/2 L Lemon water with Honey

This cle­an­se was­n’t always easy and the begin­ning was the har­dest. This cle­an­se won’t be right for ever­yo­ne, but it’s worth giving it a try. The mono-eating cle­an­se helps make things easier – you don’t have to think about what you eat, it’s always the same and the brain can rest. I real­ly enjoy­ed this expe­ri­ence and will defi­ni­te­ly do the mono-eating cle­an­se again, per­haps at the same time next year.

Aut­hor: Maar­ja Urb

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Picture of Maarja Urb
Maar­ja Urb 
Maar­ja Urb is a pho­to­grapher and film­ma­ker and works for various orga­niza­ti­ons. After she was able to free hers­elf from many sym­ptoms, she beca­me a health coach and now helps other peo­p­le with the know­ledge of our favo­ri­te aut­hor. After spen­ding seve­ral years in Ger­ma­ny and Swe­den, she is now living back in her home coun­try of Estonia. 
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